Duck River Raceway Results

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Christian Hanger (29) with Clint Nichols (01) following hot on his heels during Crate Late Model feature action.
Photos by Kim Griggs (Kimages Photography & Graphics)

Duck River Raceway Results

Saturday, September 9

Pure Pony

Christian Hanger picks up another Crate Late Model feature victory and also claimed the points champion for 2017.

1. Rusty West

2. John Bowling

3. James Woodard

Flintville driver Randy Gifford captured his 17th Two Barrel feature win and he was named points champion for 2017.

4. Travis Yoes

5. Scott West

6. David Wallace

Kevin Whaley took home the feature win and the points championship for the Super Street Stock division.

7. Justin Farless

8. Tommy Bond Jr.

9. Mike Gaines

Mark Haddon topped the field of Nesmith Street Stocks for the feature win.

10. Dakota Adair

Pure Street

1. Jimmy Whaley

Rusty West (3) and John Bowling (B5) have both been really competitive all season and the feature win would determine the Pure Pony points champion. The last lap would declare West the winner of both!

2. John Whaley

3. Dewayne Hicks

4. Matthew Hicks

Rusty West from Lewisburg won his first feature race and the Pure Pony points championship on the same night.

5. Jerry Nelson

6. Casey Stamps

7. Bryan Holder

Tim Merritt (24) and Mark Haddon (12) in heated action during the Nesmith Street Stock feature. Haddon took the win with Merritt placing 3rd.

8. Josh Bondurant

Crate Late Model

1. Christian Hanger

2. Clint Nichols

3. Chase Walls

4. Dalton Melton

5. Robert Ardry

6. James Neal

7. Billy Brock

8. Will Hanger

2-Barrel Late Model

1. Randy Gifford

2. Matt Odeneal

3. Roger Harmon

4. Clint Nichols

5. Justin Jenkens

6. Jeff Walker

7. Tyler Womack

8. Chris Brown

NeSmith Street Stock

1. Mark Haddon

2. Brian Hudson

3. Tim Merritt

4. Kyle Layne

5. Jr. Daniels

6. Dwayne Waid

7. Kelby Demonbreum

8. Michael Kirby

9. Tim Wilson

10. Logan Hudson