Marshall County Cross Country Results

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
From left are Marshall County High School cross country medalists Leah Hollingsworth, Naomi Hopper, Kaitlin Johnson, Leslie Bishop, Zack Sheppard, and Kolton Johnson.
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Fairview Meet

August 17


Marshall County’s Leslie Bishop runs on the cross country course at Henry Horton State Park.

Girls: Leah Hollingsworth-4th (22:23), Naomi Hopper-9th (24:55), Kaitlin Johnson-13th (25:34)

Boys: Did not finish/weather

Voyles Classic

Leah Hollingsworth has two first place finishes in her last five cross country meets.

August 26


Girls: Leah Hollingsworth- 6th (22:07), Naomi Hopper-16th (23:50) 124 runners

Kolten Johnson finished in fourth place at the Horton Meet on September 12.

Webb Meet

August 29


Girls: Leah Hollingsworth-1st (21:55), Naomi Hopper-4th (24:45)

Boys: Kolten Johnson-5th (18:04), Zack Sheppard-9th (19:30)

Henry Horton

September 12


Girls: Leah Hollingsworth-1st (22:35), Naomi Hopper-3rd (23:39), Kaitlin Johnson-14th (26:18)

Boys: Kolten Johnson 3rd (18:18), Zack Sheppard-9th (19:22), Leslie Bishop-15th (20:07)

Fayetteville Meet

September 19


Girls: Leah Hollingsworth-2nd (22:45), Naomi Hopper-4th (24:20), Kaitlin Johnson-12th (28:00)

Boys: Kolten Johnson-4th (18:55), Zack Sheppard-6th (19:28)