Lewisburg Water receives $525K grant

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Grant money will cover most of the cost to repair a problem that has dogged the city for years.

The Lewisburg Water and Waste Water Department was announced as the recipient of a Community Development Block Grant for sewer line repairs in the area of the Fairview Market along Cornersville Highway.

Community Development Block Grant program consists of federal funds awarded through state government, with an emphasis on water and sewer infrastructure projects.

The grant will provide $525,000 to Lewisburg Water and Waste Water for a project aimed at addressing overflow issues close to Big Rock Creek

The utility will be responsible for $93,000 of the $618,000 project.

During periods of heavy rain, storm water flows into the sewer lines through cracks in the pipes, overwhelming the capacity of the line and leading to overflows from a man hole next to the road bridge over the creek.

Storm water is not intended to enter the sanitary lines at all.

Each time the system overflows at that sport, a violation is recorded by the EPA. Repeated violations over a given period of time results in action from EPA.

At one point, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation had put in place a moratorium on additional sewer taps being added upstream of the manhole but that restriction has since been lifted.

The grant funds will be used to identify and repair cracks in the lines, reducing the amount of rain water entering and overwhelming the systemís capacity.

The utility also announced the $1,075,000 loan from the State Revolving Fund to pay for additional nutrient removal from water discharged from the waste water treatment plant.

Standards of allowable nitrogen and phosphorous in water exiting treatment plants have been lowered by the EPA and the additional equipment is required to reach the new, lower levels.

The loan includes $100,000 in principal forgiveness.

Lewisburg Water had originally planned to borrow another $900,000 from SRF to replace aging equipment at the Snell Branch sewage pumping station, but has determined that they will be able to pay for that project without borrowing money.

A public meeting will be held at the Water Department at 6 p.m. on Oct. 11 to provide information on the loan and its impact, as required by the loan agreement.