Alcohol, drugs leads to arrests

Friday, October 13, 2017

From staff reports

A call regarding an assault on Cummings Circle ended up with all on-duty Lewisburg Police officers responding on Saturday, Oct. 7.

Officers learned that their subject, John Weaver, had walked away from the scene and was currently on 7th Avenue North.


Patrolmen Dillon Lipinski and Landon Frazier followed Weaver as he entered a residence on the street, noting that he was yelling obscenities at the occupants as he entered.

When he ignored commands to exit the home, officers followed Weaver and observed him walk across the living room and begin punching a man sitting on a sofa.

Officers deployed a Taser on Weaver to stop his assault and place him in cuffs.

While being removed from the home, Weaver spit at one of the residents, partially striking an officer.

The report noted that all of the occupants of the home and Weaver were highly intoxicated.

Weaver was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and two counts of assault, one of which was against an officer.

Bond was set at $5,000.

• On Oct. 1, Lewisburg Police responded to a call on Woods Avenue North. Arriving on scene, they encountered a man who was bleeding from the head. According to the victim, he had been arguing with his brother, James Crosslin, when Crosslin hit him in the head with a wooden baseball bat and had punched him in the face as well. Locating Crosslin, who had left the scene, on Sliver Creek Road, officers noticed a strong smell of alcohol on him.

Crosslin was charged with aggravated domestic assault and public intoxication. Bond was set at $8,500. The victim was treated at Marshall Medical Center for his injuries.

• On Oct. 3, LPD arrested Jarrett Flesher on a warrant for failure to report.

Flesher moved from the county jurisdiction into the city and failed to report his change of address to the Lewisburg Police Department within 48 hours as is stipulated in the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry requirements.

Bond was set at $8,000.

• On Oct. 1, officers stopped Tiffany Spurlin for driving without a seat belt. Checking Spurlin’s license, officers uncovered a warrant from Maury County for failure to appear. Placing her under arrest for the warrant, officers found a small plastic bag containing a glassy substance that Spurlin admitted, according to the report, was methamphetamine in her bra, as well as a loaded syringe, several unused syringes, and several small plastic bags in a makeup bag in the car.

Spurlin admitted to officers, in the report, that she had an addiction to methamphetamine.

She was charged with possession of a Schedule II drug for resale and with possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond was set at $31,000.