Gideon Tyree returns to the airwaves

Friday, October 20, 2017
Gideon Tyree, a freshman at Cornersville High School, in the midst of recording new radio commercials at WJJM.
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A familiar voice has returned to the Marshall County radio frequencies.

Well, a sort of familiar voice. More on that later.

During the first week of school, Cornersville High School freshman Gideon Lewis Tyree journeyed to the studios of WJJM to record eight commercials for Marshall Farmers Co-op. The third of those ads, a Halloween-themed message employing the song “Werewolves of London,” is currently airing.

Gideon has been a Co-op spokesperson for nearly six years. He recorded his first ad at home in December of 2011, but was encouraged to avail himself of the superior facilities at WJJM. All but one of his recording sessions over the years have been overseen by WJJM’s Doug “The Wild Man” Hazelwood.

Gideon is the son of Danny and Melissa Tyree of Belfast. He is the grandson of Margie Tyree and the late Lewis Tyree, and Kathi Brower and the late Richard Brower. Both grandmothers live in Lewisburg.

At Cornersville High, Gideon is a member of the student council and Leo Club. (As one of his club activities, he will be doing a mind-reading act at the Cornersville Halloween In The Park event on October 28.) He has also achieved a purple belt in the Lewisburg Wado-Ryu karate school. Gideon is also a member of the Hardin Chapel Church of Christ, where he attends with his parents in the Possum Trot community.

For the past several years, he has performed a magic act as The Amazing Gideon at school talent shows, Marshall County Public Library, and other venues.

It was only natural that Gideon would wind up voicing commercials for Co-op; he has both a media connection and a Co-op connection. Tribune readers have watched him grow up in his father’s nationally syndicated Tyrades! column. (One of his favorite brushes with fame was 2008’s “The Boy Who Lives For Halloween.”)

As for Co-op, Gideon’s father has been an employee since 1999, working in the warehouse, editing the company newsletter, and writing the radio commercials. Gideon’s grandfather, Lewis Tyree, was Co-op store manager in the late 1950s and early ‘60s (when Co-op was on West Commerce). We’d like to think that Mr. Tyree would be proud of the way Gideon lets people know that Co-op is open to the general public (not just members), is open on Saturday afternoons (at the Lewisburg location), and offers ethanol-free gasoline.

Gideon’s voice has changed over the past six years, but his enthusiasm and Co-op’s dedication to being your hometown store have remained the same.