Goat Fest champions

Friday, October 20, 2017
While some might be interested in the “Music and More” parts of Lewisburg’s annual festival, the Tennessee Fainting Goat that Marshall County is known for does come first in the Goats, Music, and More Festival. Exhibitors from nine states brought their best goats to town, competing to be the best. The four-legged winners for the weekend in the front row are: World Grand Champion and Myotonic Goat Registry National Champion Buck Woody Creek Farm Tundra, National Champion Platinum Wether Rocky Ridge Bourbon Street, National Champion Market Wether Amazing Grace Seriously Smokin, and National Champion Doe Woody Creek Farm O’Dixie Darling. The owners and breeders in the back row are: (from left) Debbie Mullins, Cindy Lynn Huggins, Ellen Pittman, Jim Dowell, Tara Lawrence, Lisa Edinger, Jason Brashear, and Drew DeRiemaker.
Photo courtesy of Jim Hammer