County School Board spotlight on Julie Keny Cathey

Friday, October 27, 2017
Julie Keny Cathey is pictured with her son, Jack Cathey.
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The Keny name is synonymous with the Marshall County School System; a Keny has served on the school board at one time or another since 1992.

When long-time board member Mike Keny chose not to run for re-election in 2014, his sister, Julie Keny Cathey, threw her hat in the ring and won the election representing District 5. Her current term expires in 2018.

Julie says that education brought her family to Marshall County in the fall of 1966 when her late father, Jack Keny, became the principal at Marshall County High School. When she was a high school sophomore, her father became the Superintendent of Schools. “I grew up in a household where education was very important to my development,” she said. “In fact, one question my father asked me on a daily basis was, ‘What did you learn today?’ That has remained imprinted on my brain.”

When she became a school board member, Julie aspired to learn as much as she could, “and there is a tremendous amount to learn... especially the budget process. However,” she said, “we are fortunate to have such a knowledgeable staff that guides the school board on the budget process, which enables us to make good financial decisions.”

As she began her time as a school board member, Julie set three primary goals. The first goal is to provide support for the Director of Schools, followed by helping drive the best fact-based decisions for the Marshall County School System today and in the future. Lastly, Cathey wants to ensure that the Marshall County school system provides the best opportunities for students to excel. “Each child has unique talents,” she said. “Therefore, helping each child to discover his or her gifts is very important in his or her development.”

Julie graduated from Marshall County High School and Middle Tennessee State University with a major in Management Information Systems. She is employed as the Master Data Management Project Manager for Calsonic-Kansei.

In her spare time, Julie loves spending time with her son, Jack, her family and friends. “I also like to dabble in photography, painting, working with animal rescues, and attending sports and theater events,” she concluded.