Argument over dogs’ mess leads to arrest

Friday, October 27, 2017

A dispute between roommates led to charges at a residence on Center Street on Oct. 15.

According to the police report, Noah Isom had been in an argument with his roommates over cleaning up after his dogs.

They reported that Isom had made verbal threats toward them, before he went outside to walk the dogs.


The roommates, according to the report, were in fear of their safety and locked the doors with Isom outside.

Finding the doors locked, Isom smashed a window and a door with a statue while threatening the roommates.

Isom was charged with two counts of domestic assault and one count of vandalism. Bond was s et at $2,500.


• A three-car accident on Ellington Parkway led to charges for two women on Oct. 14.

The vehicles involved had moved off of the road into the parking lot of Bojangles by the time Lewisburg Police arrived on scene.

There they encountered, Tonya Robinson, who, according to the report, was unsteady on her feet with bloodshot eyes, and emitting a strong odor of alcohol.


Robinson told officers that she had not had anything to drink but performed poorly on field sobriety tasks.

Arrested for driving under the influence, the report states that Robinson said, while waiting to give a blood sample, that she had only had three Bahama Mamas at Ole Steakhouse and that “haters” there might have slipped something in her drink.

Her bond was set at $500.


Also at the scene, one of the passengers in one of the cars also displayed slurred speech and appeared unsteady on her feet.

Leigh Ann Taylor, according to the report, would not follow officers commands to stay on the sidewalk and was determined to be a danger to herself.

She was charged with public intoxication and held on $500 bond.

• Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a residence on Old Highway 99 after a domestic disturbance report on Oct. 20.

At the scene, deputies encountered a male subject with red marks and scratches on his back, whose shirt had also been torn off.

The male, according to the report, said that he had been trying to get his belongings out of a car and his former girlfriend had attacked him.

The female subject, Nichole Spell-Fante, said in the report that he would not give her the car keys and that she had forcibly tried to take them from him.

Spell-Fante was charged with domestic assault and held on $1,000 bond.

• Lewisburg Police officers responded to Saddle Wood Drive on Oct. 17 following a 911 hang up call.

Officers were familiar with the address due to previous calls of domestic disturbances at the location.

The female subject initially denied that anyone else was in the home, despite a witness confirming that Lionel Harris was hiding inside.

Dispatch confirmed that the female resident had a temporary order of protection against Harris.

Placed under arrest for violating the order, Harris began yelling and cursing at officers.

The female confirmed to officers that Harris her threatened her, according to the report, if she told them that he was in the home.

Harris was charged with disorderly conduct with a $500 bond. He is held without bond until his court date for violating the order of protection.

• On Oct. 19, deputies served a warrant on Oren Johnson at his Mooresville Highway residence for manufacture, delivery, sale, or possession with intent of Methamphetamine.

Bond was set at $10,000.

• On Oct. 20, warrants were served on Brad Steven Bowen at the Marshall County Jail. Bowen was charged with simple possession of a Schedule I drug, tampering with evidence, driving while revoked, driving under the influence, and violation of the implied consent law. He was also cited for speeding, registration violation, financial responsibility, and the seat belt law. Bond was set at $18,500.

• Allison Taylor was transported from Maury County to the Marshall County Jail and served with warrants from Chapel Hill for domestic assault and aggravated assault. Bond was set at $4,000.

• A contractor working at a residence on Rainier Drive in Chapel Hill reported the theft of equipment left overnight at the site. The 500-foot roll of wire, battery charger, and skill saw taken were valued at $1,070.

• Nathan Culbertson was charged with domestic assault after an incident with an ex-girlfriend on Oct. 13 on Tiger Boulevard. Culbertson also had an active warrant for failure to appear in Lewisburg City Court. Bond was set at $1,500.

• Clint Braden was charged with domestic assault after an incident on Oct. 16 on Colburn Drive.

According to the report, Braden, among other actions, sprayed several residents of the home with pepper spray during the incident.

Bond was set at $2,000.