Marshall County Memorial Library Memorials

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

September 2017

Bush, Susan Batton Sumrall

“Tidy”; given by Amy & John Harmon.

Ewing, Melvin Jr.

“Hello World”; given by Billy & Judy Harwell.

“Schomburg, The Man Who Built a Library”; given by Commerce Metals.

Grogan, Grant Watson

“Electric October”; given by Roy & Phyllis Huey.

Hobby, Floyd

“The Winners Manual” and “Coaching Youth Football”; given by Hugh & Karen Adams.

Musgrave, Marie H.

Donation to the Book Fund; given by Tom Sumners.

Smith, Donald Aubrey

“Bruce’s Big Move”; given by Verona Friends.

“Think Big”; given by Jane & Cannon Tilford.

Talley, David

“LIFE America: A Visual History-From Then to Now”; given by Gene & Carolyn Williams.

Talley, Jacob Jennings

“Sam, The Most Scaredy-Cat Kid in the Whole World”; given by Russell & Martha McDaniel, Angie, Shaun, Bren & Bailee Rollins, Beth & Trevin.

Whitaker, Dan

“The Crime Book” and “The Criminal Law Handbook”; given by Trigg Cathey.

Wiggins, Harold

Donation to the Book Fund; given by Joyce Allison and Amy Fox.


Beech, Roy & Jean and Beech, Bobby & Gail

“79th Annual Blue Ribbon Yearbook”; given by Tom Sumners.


Donation to the Book Fund; given anonymously.

Donation to the Summer Reading Program; given by Don & Betsye Ledford.

Donation of a subscription to Smithsonian Magazine; given by Anna Childress.


Donation of Books on Tape, Encyclopedias, Hardback Books, Magazines, Paperback Books, Videos, Music CDs and DVDs were given by the following:

Rose Adam, John Anton, Melissa Goins, and David Wood.

Marshall County Memorial Library Memorials