Residents consider future of Mooresville Hwy

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Derrick Scott presents his group’s ideas for the zoning overlay being developed for Mooresville Highway at the public planning session on Monday night. Results of Monday’s meeting will be on display Thursday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Lewisburg City Council chamber at City Hall.
Tribune photo by Scott Pearson

Residents and property owners along West Commerce and Mooresville Highway filled the Lewisburg City Council chamber on Monday evening.

They were there to map the future look and feel of that road corridor.

This “visioning session” was the first public meeting to begin the process of designing a future for the two mile stretch of road, running from the square to the Lewisburg Fire Department West Fire Hall.

“This has been the best participation that we’ve had,” said Lewisburg Mayor Jim Bingham.

Keith Covington, with Common Ground Design, the city’s planning consultants, prompted the participants to consider the present state of the corridor and the vision for it they would like to see.

The goal of the evening was to develop a new set of development ideas that achieved the vision of the community, he said.

Currently, most of the properties along the length of the road are zoned C-2, for commercial development despite large residential neighborhoods along the route.

Working in groups, participants looked at what already existed along the road and what they would like to see more or less of.

While not exactly within the scope of the meeting, one feature that all of the groups identified was a need for more sidewalks along the highway.

The intersection of Mooresville Highway and Old Columbia Road also was mentioned several times as an area needing attention.

The development guidelines and any possible rezoning that might be considered would only impact properties that directly front the roadway.

New structures or significant additions would fall under any new regulations, not currently existing properties.

Preliminary drawings based on Monday’s forum will be on display Thursday night from 6 to 8 p.m.

This open house-style meeting will present Common Ground’s first draft of guidelines based on Monday’s input.

Covington estimated three to four months before the plans were refined to the point of presentation to the City Council for approval.

This is the fourth corridor in the city to have a zoning and design overlay developed as part of Lewisburg’s Vision Plan 2035.

One of the three areas of emphasis in the Vision Plan was the main roads leading into and through Lewisburg.

Overlays for Nashville Highway, Fayetteville Highway, and Ellington Parkway have already been completed and adopted by the council.

After Mooresville Highway, the downtown square area in Lewisburg will be tackled, completing the corridor goals for the Vision Plan.