Rives’ ministry opens doors for public series

Friday, November 10, 2017
David Rives and his dinosaur will welcome residents to the kickoff of a planned monthly series investigating the intersection of Scriptural teachings and science on Tuesday, Nov. 14, at 7 p.m.
Tribune photo by Scott Pearson

What not that long ago was an empty old grocery store has been transformed into the hub of a ministry that reaches into millions of homes.

David Rives Ministries moved into the former Hometown Grocery location on South Ellington Parkway in 2016.

Now, Rives is opening the doors to the community to kick off a monthly presentation series based on his ministry and creation science.

He is presenting a talk based on his book, “Bible Knows Best--Hidden Gems of Astounding Science and Good Advice in the Scriptures,” a collection of his work uncovering the scientific truths found in the Bible.

His talk will begin at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 14, at his ministry building. The roughly hour-long talk will be aimed at a general audience.

Rives plans a monthly series of presentations based on creation science, featuring himself, guest speakers, and video showings.

A leading figure in the field of creation science, uncovering the connections between modern scientific understanding and Biblical teachings, Rives was inspired by his own study of astronomy as a youngster.

From there, he has branched out into geology, paleontology, and earth sciences, founding his ministry in 2007.

A documentary he produced led to the opportunity to host his show, Creation in the 21st Century, on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, reaching millions of homes across the nation.

He has produced dozens of DVDs on creation science since then as well as producing a regular radio spot, online videos, The Creation Club magazine, and the Genesis Science Network, a 24 hour network available online covering science and the Bible.

Despite all of the work completed so far, Rives said he planned to keep adding to the space, expanding the exhibits and displays already complete to a full-scale museum experience.