City Council moves forward on Armory

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Lewisburg City Council decided to take the first step toward renovating the old National Guard Armory at their Tuesday night work session.

Brandon Kritzman and Eric Bischoff from OHM Engineering presented the council with an outline of steps and a time frame of projects to the council for their consideration.

The state turned the building over to the city after determining that it was surplus to future National Guard uses.

The first step the city will have to undertake is environmental cleanup of the building.

Birds have gotten inside the building since it has been unused, leaving behind dead birds and their associated waste.

The building will also need to be assessed for lead paint and asbestos as well.

Estimates for that step of the process call for three months of work at a cost estimated to be $80,000.

The council approved a resolution authorizing that first step of the project for their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

The next step would be to prepare the building to serve as a temporary home for the Lewisburg Fire Department while the city’s main fire hall undergoes renovation.

Ultimately, public input sessions will be scheduled in order to determine a final, best use for the former Armory building.

Kirk Whittington from Philips Lighting Corporation presented two projects to the council as well.

One is the replacement of lighting at the Lewisburg Recreation Center. The current fixtures are old and replacement parts are no longer available.

New, more-efficient lights would also result in a cost saving on the cost of electricity.

A lighting project for the park on the square in Lewisburg was proposed using those utility savings.

Philips has done dynamic lighting installations on more than 50,000 sites, including the Empire State Building.

A demonstration of the potential design of the project was installed in the park for councilmen to view after the end of the meeting.

The council plans to honor the county’s remaining Korean War veterans at their December meeting. Similar to the reception and presentation held recently for Marshall County’s World War II veterans, the council wants to include all living Korean War vets.

Veterans or their family members are urged to contact Lynda Potts with the Marshall County Historical Society at 359-4489 or City Recorder Pam Davis at City Hall at 359-1544.

Mike Wells, and possibly other residents, are on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting during citizen’s comments to share concerns and issues they have with the Lewisburg Rec Center, particularly the indoor pool and hot tub.