Register your storm shelter

Friday, December 1, 2017

A storm shelter might keep you safe in severe weather, but what if you need to be rescued from it afterward?

The Marshall County Office of Emergency Management has started a registry for storm shelters to address just that possibility.

OEM Director Steve Calahan said that the issue for emergency responders in the wake of a disaster is knowing where to look for survivors in case their shelters are covered by debris and they are trapped inside.

The registry is for safe rooms, storm cellars, or in-ground storm shelters.

The database will map where in relation to the home the shelter is located, so that, in an emergency, search and rescue personnel will know where to look.

Information will not be shared or distributed to anyone other than public safety personnel in an emergency.

Calahan said that more people are including such spaces in newly constructed homes or adding them to their already existing houses, due to concerns over tornadoes or other severe weather emergencies.

Contractors building the spaces suggest registering them with the county for just this type of situation.

Forms can be downloaded from the OEM page on and mailed or dropped by the office in the Hardison Annex.

For more information, call OEM at 359-5810.