Board Member Spotlight Susan Hunter District 7

Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Seventh District School Board Representative Susan Hunter with her son, Jack.
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Susan Hunter was elected in September of 2012 to represent Marshall County Board of Education’s 7th District and went on to win her re-election bid in 2016. Her current term expires in 2020.

Hunter said it was an “eye-opening” experience when she first joined the Board and realized “the enormity and complexity of the budget necessary to operate the school system. And,” she added, “the limitations imposed on state and federal funds received can make the process of providing for our students’ and staffs’ needs difficult, at best.”

She was also amazed at the many components that go into educating students in this day and age. “From the use of myON, Prodigy, and other software to improve reading and math skills at the elementary level, to the preparatory effort that occurs before our high school students take the ACT, and everything in between.” Hunter has been pleased with how all of those components meld to create success in the classroom.

When she became a member of the Marshall County Board of Education, Hunter was very impressed by the way the entire board worked together for the improvement of the system as a whole. She decided that one of her goals as a board member would be to “continue to work together as one unit without regionalism, and to make the best, unbiased decisions possible for all the students, staff and faculty.”

In her spare time, this Board Member enjoys being with her family, traveling, reading and immersing herself into genealogical research.

Susan is the office manager at Marshall County Soil Conservation District. She and her husband, Dave, have a 10-year-old son, Jack.