Public Records

Friday, December 22, 2017


Adrian Martin Kochli to Sonja Anita Bleuler

Mario Marcellino Storto, Jr. to Mary Beth Heller


Latasha Harris vs. Eric Harris;

Bridgette Walsh vs. Joseph Walsh

Michelle Lee Jackson vs. Daniel Tracy Jackson


T M Insulation, 3215 Bowers Rd., Lewisburg, Tn Tyler Matheson/owner

C & W Paving, 1150 Longview Rd., Unionville, Tn Chuck Dickey/owner


Leanne Green Smith to Lillard B. & Danielle R. Welch, Coosie Branch Road, 25 Acres, Dist. 6, $181,250; Jason Edward Smith-Smith Remodeling and Properties LLC to Michael Z. Kirby, Marshall Heights S/D, Lot 10, Lot 11PO, Dist. 3, $117,500; Michael Ring to Mary Beth Neece, Old Columbia Road, Dist. 3, $15,000; Jeff Knox to William Lillard & Brittany N. Workley, Hickory Heights Addition, Lot 2, Dist. 3, $141,000; Ricky Joel Land to Janet S. Davis, Fox and Cantrell S/D, Lots 15-19, Dist. 3, $51,000; Successus LLC to Ronald W. Rudloff II & Samantha Jo Rudloff, Warners Ridge S/D, Lot 86, Dist. 1, $200,850; Donald A. & Rebecca W. Blackall to Michael W. & Tina M. Cockerill, Yell Road, 1.40 Acres, Dist. 3, $141,000; Carl & Sandra Derosier to Andrew Dale & Betty Jean Perry, Mae Lane, 5 Acres & Tract, 7.80 Acres, Dist. 2, $180,000; Kyle W. Clark to Michael Mahaleris, Warners Ridge, Lot 98, Dist. 1, $225,500; Brittian T.Wiles, Jeanne P. Wiles, Michael F. Wiles, Melanie M. Wiles to Misael & Natalie W. Alvarez, Gordon Heights Addition, Dist. 3, $70,000; David Robinson to Luke & Melanie Perozek, Glennwood Estates, Lot 3A, Dist. 3, $155,900; James F. Ogilvie to Keith Andrew & April Deeana Stiles, Neils Corner S/D, Lot 1, Dist. 1, $72,500; Steven Bradley Hooten & David Glenn Robinson to Kevin Michael Garrett, Thompson S/D, Lot 1, Dist. 3, $114,900; Lyle & Billie J. Broeder to Michael A. & Patricia A. Bostic, Hillcrest S/D, Lot 45, Dist. 3, $190,000; Joshua Pyrdum to Chace V. Adkins, RMJ Estates S/D, Lot 3, $161,000; Christopher Alan Nelson to Nicholas L. & Sandra Jenkins, Marvin Moore Builders LP Survey Lot 10, Lot 11, $95,000; Cheri Jill Upshaw to Juan Manuel & Evelia Sanchez, The Villas at Chapel Hill, Lot 25, $175,000; William E. Tucker to Corrie & Janie Thomas, Pinnacle Point Dev., Lot 2, Dist. 1, $38,000; Tony E. & Jennifer L. Harris to Timothy C. & Michelle Delaney, Forrest Fields S/D, Lot 13, Dist. 1, $131,000; Joshua Duane & Meredith Jean Floyd to Jackie King II & Rainey R. King, Coble Acres S/D, Lot 7, Dist. 1, $278,150; David Glenn Robinson Jr. & Christy to Zachary T. & Jessica R. Smith, Snell Road, 11.50 Acres, Dist. 3, $266,000; Cain & Ana M. Martinez to Josefina E. & Robert Whitworth, Castano Park, Lot 27, Dist. 3, $134,900; Beau A. & Kayla Schillig to William R. Primm, Highland S/D, Lot 1, Dist. 3, $95,000; Kristopher Arthur Seabright, Valerie Arnette Bridges, Kathlenn Marie Parker to Jessica Stinnett, Hill Street, Dist. 4, $59,000; Jackie L. Crowell to Carl L.& Sandra K. Derosier; Hunters Run S/D, Lot 9, Dist. 3, $150,700; John C. Sanders to Jared E. & Stephanie Black, Tract, Dist. 5, $12,500; Lester R. & Sander F. Patterson to Jared E. & Stephanie Black, Petersburg/Delina Road, Dist. 5, $92,500; Perryman Investments LLC to Jose Luis Rios, Claudia Bermudez Rios, Wilfredo Hernandez & Cynthia Hernandez, Verona Avenue, Dist. 3, $33,000; Rocky Childers to Pamela & Michael Dreese, Warners Ridge, Lot 169, Dist. 1, $221,400; Gary Thomas Sowell, Michael Tallman, Juanita Sowell Last Will and Testament to David Glenn & Christy Lynn Robinson, Pigg Hollow Road, 32.44 Acres, Dist. 6, $88,925.50; Jacky Glenn Kimes, Jr & Alice Cain Himes to Lonnie Dale & Michelle L. Neal, Stoney Brook S/D, Lot 7, Dist. 3, $255,000.