Have a “green” Christmas

Friday, December 22, 2017

The holidays are all about giving, sharing and spending time with our loved ones. Despite the holly jolly Christmas vibes, we all know the holiday season can be hectic and stressful.

During these chaotic times, it can easy to forget about the environment.

Around the holidays, waste volumes dramatically increase. Mailboxes are filled with holiday ads, flyers and Christmas cards. Newspapers are usually thicker due to the numerous inserts and advertising. The mail carrier is busy running all over town delivering packages. The result is more and more waste.

It doesn’t have to be destined for the trash, however.

One of the many ways to reduce waste is to try to reuse laminated bags. Recycle the paper ones.

Instead of using styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap, shredded newspapers are an eco-friendly replacement.

After opening gifts, remember that you can save and reuse the bows or ribbons. They don’t recycle.

The paper is recyclable,‒even the shiny stuff.

No matter how tempting it may be to toss in an old cellphone, check with your service provider for any special instructions. Be sure to look into ecoATM. This company has kiosks in nearby malls to help with recycling old electronic devices.

One last tip, remember the difference between paper and plastic when sorting your recyclables. Especially when it comes to the holiday lattes, the disposable cups are harmful to our environment.

The eggnog carton is finally empty (and that carton is recyclable too). Santa has made his rounds. This means you need to straighten up the house. It’s time to take down the decorations, pack up seasonal treats and sort through all of the toys.

Everything has a place, but what exactly do you do with a live tree? Lewisburg Public Works will be picking up trees as long as residents set the trees by the road.

A unique and better alternative to throwing it away is to give it to the elephants. That’s right. Middle Tennessee has a Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald. Dec. 26 through Jan. 6 residents can donate their live trees as food.

Since the Elephant Sanctuary is not open for public visitation, donated trees will be delivered to the habitats.

With the new year approaching, we should take steps to reduce waste during the holiday season. Now, you know what it takes to have a “green” Christmas.