Another year of goodness!

Friday, December 29, 2017

ďThou crowned the year with Thy goodness; and Thy paths drop fatness.Ē Psalms 65:11

In this verse David expresses great praise to God for His unceasing goodness to Israel for both physical and spiritual blessing, which extended throughout the year. David was aware that even though they struggled with sin God forgave them and He continued to answer their prayers because He delighted to showcase His grace and goodness. As a result David was no stranger to prayer. He continually found Himself in communion with God requesting the needs for the people of Israel, the needs of his family, and for his personal needs. Although Davidís prayer was not always immediately answered he waited knowing that any day would come the joy that he greatly anticipated. He knew that His God was the true and living God, the Savior, the only hope of mankind. That very power of God, which formed the mighty mountains, which quiets the raging oceans, which cause the dawn and sunset to shout for joy, was the same power that would do for him as he drew near to God in faith. What confidence David had in the LORD God.

As David would look back at the end of a year he could see the answer of many prayers. Some were immediate and obvious, while others developed slowly and were not as noticeable. That is why David could say to the LORD in praise, ďThou crowned the year with Thy goodness; and Thy paths drop fatness.Ē David saw both the physical and spiritual bounty of God being poured out upon him and the people of Israel. As David reflected on Godís goodness he saw the harvest of not only of the physical blessings of the grain fields, the green lush pastures, and the hillsides blossoming with herbs, but more importantly he saw the spiritual harvest. Harvest of Godís grace in answering prayers, the forgiveness of sin, and His faithfulness to accept theirs vow of sacrifices. These spiritual blessing were so abundant that he likened it to the fat bounty of produce that would fall off the wagon while going down the paths. Yet, it was not until the end of the year that David fully noticed that God crowed the year with His goodness.

What about us? Can we reflect on the bountiful harvest of Godís goodness to us? Sadly, many Christians donít see the bountiful blessings because their identity is attached to a political party, a social cause, a business venture, or a sports team. As Christians our identity is found in Christ alone and our allegiance is to God first and foremost. All these other things are just that Ė things that change and disappear. However, God does not change and He continues to crown each year with His goodness. I challenge you at this New Yearís season, as a believer, reflect upon Godís goodness to you and praise Him for it.

David C. Hale, pastor