Mayor’s year-end Lewisburg report

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Mayor Jim Bingham

2017 has passed with incredible speed!

Significant change has occurred in our City. Thankfully the change and growth has been steady, but not too explosive. Just a few years ago (2010) our unemployment rate was 20.7%, today it is 2.7%. This is a decrease of nearly 8 times of what it was in 2010. This lower rate did not happen by accident. It came by the efforts of our elected officials, Industrial Development Board, Community Development Board, and Joint Economic and Community Development Board as well as many of our citizens from Lewisburg and Marshall County stepping up to assist in the recovery plan.

I must add this success was not due in whole to those who serve presently, but also to those who made good decisions when things were at the lowest. Sometimes adversity brings out the very best in a community.

2017 brought many positive things:

Start of construction on Ellington Bypass.

Completion of Yell Road project.

Host to 2 major regional bicycle races.

Expansion of several existing industries.

Recruitment of an additional major industry.

Rock Creek Park improvements.

Completion of the widening of the intersection at W. Commerce & Heil Ave.

Significant increase in new home and business construction.

New and improved property and zoning regulations.

Increased involvement of our citizens.

Publicly honoring our local veterans.

With all of the positive accomplishments, we cannot ignore some of our disappointments:

First and foremost, the passing away of so many of our citizens.

Failure to receive, for the third time, a HOME Grant that would have repaired so many of our substandard homes in the City.

Failure to receive the FACADE Grant for downtown improvements.

It has come to our attention that not everyone is aware of how so many projects at Rock Creek Park were funded. Most of these improvements were funded by many sources such as CKNA ($200,000), Rotary Club, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and TN Department of Environment and Conservation. Labor and materials for much of this work were supplied by the City’s Public Works Department, Lewisburg Electric, Lewisburg Gas, and Lewisburg Water & Wastewater. We are proud of these improvements and will continue to seek funds that require a minimum of property tax dollars.

We are looking forward to 2018 for many reasons:

We have placed an emphasis on retail and commercial development. It is my opinion that the widening of the Ellington Bypass will transform our retail and commercial development.

The reconstruction of 1st Ave N. from the square to Rock Creek Park.

Continuing our methodical paving program.

For the first time the implementation of a sidewalk installation replacement program.

More citizen involvement.

It is our hope that every citizen of Lewisburg will have a prosperous and Happy New Year!