School Board spotlight: Robert Warf

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Robert Warf and his wife, Denise, are pictured with their daughter, Leah.
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Robert Warf, who has represented District 8 on Marshall County’s Board of Education since 2016, experiences the workings of a school system on a daily basis; Warf, a deputy with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, is the Student Resource Officer (SRO) at Lewisburg Middle School.

When he first began fulfilling his duties as a board member, Warf was surprised by the many moving parts it takes to operate a school system. “People automatically think of the buildings, teachers, and students, but there are things that I was not aware of before this position, like the many state and federal regulations that must be followed and that constantly change as the legislature meets.” He went on to say what surprised him the most was “how much input the state has versus how much the local government has over its own school system.”

Warf said his number one goal for the Marshall County School System is “for every student who graduates to have the opportunity to be successful with whatever they choose to do in life. That means that our system will have given them the academic tools to go to college or vocational school, or work in a factory or farm.

“I do like seeing the improvement our county has made on ACT scores,” he stated. “That is a very positive step which I hope continues. I think everyone involved in our system can take pride and credit for that. ACT scores are influenced by every teacher’s work and by the emphasis our director and central office have chosen to place on them, but our students have also worked hard to make this a reality.”

When he’s not involved in school board business, Warf enjoys spending time with his wife, Denise, and daughter, Leah. This adventurous family likes to kayak, camp, and just basically be in the great outdoors.

Robert Warf’s term expires in 2020.