Winter Wonderland?

Friday, January 19, 2018
Even Rock Creek iced over in the cold and snow on Wednesday, showing the pretty side of winter, but not the disruption the weather caused all week for Marshall County residents.
Tribune photo by Scott Pearson

Winter snows might make for pretty pictures but, in the South especially, they cause trouble for everything else.

A couple of inches of snow, on top of more bitterly cold air from Canada, shut down most of the mid-state and Marshall County this week.

Students in Marshall County schools received at least three extra days off of school as icy roads closed schools through Thursday, at least.

If the decision is made to call school off on Friday, the district will have five more snow days left built into their schedule.

While the main roads were mainly clear due to steady traffic and the work of those salting and plowing the roads, side streets and country roads remained slick.

As the snow fell Tuesday morning, emergency responders answered calls all over the county as vehicles slid off of the roads

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office dug their military surplus Humvees out of the garage and used them to patrol the back roads of the county.

Marshall County offices and courts closed for the week as well.

The county’s budget committee braved the snowy roads on Tuesday in order to hold the monthly meeting in an otherwise quiet Courthouse Annex.

The county election office opened on Wednesday to facilitate early voting in the special election to replace Jim Tracy in the state senate, but traffic was understandably light.

Businesses opened late, closed early, or didn’t bother at all.

The Sweeter Side, a Lewisburg branch of The Sweet Side Cafe in the north of the county, chose Wednesday to open in the former Purple Elephant Coffee Shop location on the square, offering at least a hot cup of coffee with which to warm up.

“Overall, it’s been amazingly quiet,” said Marshall County Emergency Management Director Steve Calahan, as far as any serious impacts from the weather. “That’s the way we like it.”