Straight from the Tracks of Lynnville

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Greetings from Lynnville, Tennessee!

The weather is like a bouncing ball, warm today and freezing cold the next and then even snow? It is probably time for us to experience snow and all older people would say, “Yes, we need a good snow to be on the ground a good week so the water will go into the ground.” We can all learn that the weather is controlled by Mother Nature and we have to take whatever she gives us in the form of weather.

We extend sympathy to the Joe Barry Hyde Family and the Hindman Family.

Lynnville has been rather quiet the last few weeks with not a lot of activity transpiring, but things will begin to get started up again.

If your club, church, or organization has any news you would like people to read about, please send to Community News, P. O. Box 66, Lynnville, Tennessee, 38472. People enjoy reading about the happenings in Lynnville, Tennessee.

Work is continuing on the Iron Horse Building and it is going to look so nice when the work is completed. It is so good to see all of the old buildings in Lynnville be restored back like they were when built.

Anyone wanting to take piano lessons should call 931- 527-3466.

We extend sympathy to the family of Austin Holbert, who is a 1947 graduate of the Robert B. Jones High School in Lynnville.