4-H Public Speaking Contest a big success

Friday, January 26, 2018

Marshall County students in the 4th-12th grade participated in the 4-H Public Speaking Contest during their school 4-H Clubs throughout the month of November. On the evening of January 9 , 39 students who won a blue ribbon in their school 4-H Clubs gathered to compete for the title of “best public speaker in Marshall County”, for their respective grade level at the 2018 Marshall County 4-H Public Speaking Contest. The first and second place recipients from each grade advanced to the Area 3 4-H Public Speaking Contest on January 23rd at Motlow State Community College in Moore County. The results of the contest are listed below:

11th Grade Division:

1st. Emma Strasser

6th-11th Grade Participants: Left to Right- Emma Strasser (11th), Elizabeth Beasley (7th), Rabeth Ryan (8th) Ellarose Strasser (9th), Christa Warren (6th), Maggie Browning (6th), Anna Wood (6th), Ashlynne Kirkland (6th)

9th Grade Division:

1st. Ellarose Strasser

8th Grade Division:

1st. Rabeth Ryan

7th Grade Division:

1st. Elizabeth Beasley

6th Grade Division:

1st. Christa Warren

2nd. Maggie Browning

5th Grade Participants: Back Row Right to Left- Cassidy Butler, Cara Cheek, Anna Rabun, Caroline Garrell, Jayden Whaley, Will Beasley Front Row Right to Left- Emory Hall, Landon Haynes, Bekah Armstrong, Ryan Sublett, Devon Bass, Andi Edwards, Karli Lohr, Reagan Harris

3rd. Anna Wood

5th Grade Division:

1st. Ryan Sublette

4th Grade Participants: Back Row Right to Left- Kasen Owens, Cayson Evors, Kyleigh Neill, Caden Mae Anderson, Bryant Ellis, Jude Strasser, Caroline McNutt. Front Row Right to Left- Gillian McKnight, Sadie Harber, Owen McClaran, Camreigh Warner, Lia Chilton, Maggie McDaniel, Mary Catharyn Hopkins, Logan Heller
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2nd. Caroline Garrell

3rd. Devon Bass

Participation in no particular order:

Bekah Armstrong, Will Beasley, Cara Cheek, Cassidy Butler, Andi Edwards, Briana Gill, Emory Hall, Reagan Harris, Landon Haynes, Karlie Lohr, Anna Rabun, Jayden Whaley.

4th Grade Division:

1st. Camreigh Warner

2nd. Gillian McKnight

3rd. Sadie Harber

Participation in no particular order:

Caden Mae Anderson, Lia Chilton, Bryant Ellis, Cayson Evors, Logan Heller, Mary Catharyn Hopkins, Owen McClaran, Maggie McDaniel, Caroline McNutt, Kyleigh Neil, Kasen Owen, Jude Strasser.

Thank you to all 4-H Volunteers and judges for making this event a great success and congratulations to all 4-H Participants for a job well done! To find out more about 4-H, please contact the UT Extension-Marshall County Office at (931) 359-1929.