School Board member spotlight

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Donnie Moses and his wife, Teresa, are pictured with their daughter, Anna Claire
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Donnie Moses has served as Marshall County Board of Education’s 9th district representative for close to eight years, the past four years as Chairman of the Board. Moses’ term expires this year.

Moses said he came to the board with no comprehension of what is involved in educating a child; after all, he had no background in education short of graduating from MCHS in 1988 and MTSU in 1992. “I have never spent a full day in a classroom as anything but a student,” he said. “I knew with my business background that my place on the board and my ability to contribute would be with the business side of the system…budgets, transportation, maintenance, etc. I saw early on that the teachers and administrators knew how to educate; I wanted to make sure we were good stewards of taxpayer money, not wasteful, and provide what the educators need to do their jobs. What happens in the classroom is only a small portion of what is required to educate a child.”

His goals as a board member have changed since he took the oath. “Initially, the board was divided and did not have a common goal or vision, so early on stability and leadership were my goals,” Moses stated. “The whole environment has since changed, the culture has changed. Now my goals are much more specific, aggressive, and are almost entirely focused on student achievement and their opportunities beyond Marshall County schools. We are now in a much better position to offer a high-quality education, whether that is college prep, career oriented or general education. We as a district are providing more and better opportunities for our kids.”

Moses is a partner/owner of a business that makes heat exchangers for pool equipment. “I am very fortunate to have a job I enjoy and great people to work with.” When he’s not working or performing board duties, this board member enjoys all-things-outdoors. From working on the farm to hunting, camping, and traveling. But these last few years have seen him at the drag strip. “Drag racing has become my favorite activity.”

Donnie and his wife, Teresa, have been married almost 29 years and have one child, Anna Claire, a junior at Marshall County High School. “Teresa and I are only children, so our extended family is fairly small compared to other families. I have been blessed with great parents, grandparents, and family in general.”