Public Records

Friday, March 2, 2018


Kieffer Sanders Compton to Patrisha Dianmarie Herbison; Matthew Donald Eady, Jr. to Stacey Renee Tutt Brown; Joshua Shawn Parsons to Sarah Elizabeth Hubrich; Amy Carol Pilkinton to Yesid Bedoya.


Warren Fencing, 126 South Main St., Cornersville, TN James C. Warren/owner

Studio 20 South, 104 2nd Ave North, Lewisburg, TN Sarah Wood/owner

The Wentzel Brothers, 927 Wilson School Rd., Chapel Hill, TN Ivan W. Wentzel/owner


Tony & Donna Burrahm to Donald C. Poteet, Hickory Heights Additions, Lot 32, Dist. 3, $134,000; Successus LLC to James William & Abby Nicole Alloway, Warners Ridge S/D, Lot 82, Dist. 1, $202,650; Perryman Investments LLC to Santos Rivera, Gordons Second Addition, Lot 20, Dist. 3, $35,000; Cameron J. Coble to Wright Thurmand, Jr., Carson S/D, Lot 2, Dist. 1, $225,500; Chris Russell to Robert A. & Amy G. Matlock, Chapel Woods, Lot 1, Dist. 1, $274,875; Nam Hoai Vu Nguyen & Houng Vo to Chad A. & Betty Clark, Hill Crest S/D, Lot 66, Dist. 3, $137,800; Denise R. Green FKA to Derrick S. & Jennifer M. Griggs, Woodbridge S/D, Lot 9, Dist. 1, $158,000; Joseph Glenn Anderson to Thomas M. & Franziska Moor, Ewing Street, .11 Acre, Dist. 3, $80,500; Mary Beth Rogers Wortham to Michael B. & Julia C. Clark, Maplewood S/D, Lot 28, Dist. 4, $130,000; Troy Dwayne Adams to Lydia Merritt, Richland Estates S/D, Lot 2A, 1.13 Acres, $105,000; The Baymar Family Trust to Greg & Shelly York, Snell Road, 1.42 Acres, Dist. 3, $89,000; Larry & Ashley Deuermeyer to Madalyn R. Van Hise & Travis R. Staszak, Glennwood Estates S/D, Lot 46, Dist. 3, $135,900; US Bank National Association TR to Robert S. Star, Meadowbrook Park S/D, Lot 26, $74,000; Debbie & Phil Rogers to Jeff Poarch & Corey Poarch, Hobo Shaw Road, 23.4 Acres, Dist. 3, $195,000; Chad & Marlene Mueller to Larry Scott & Ashley S. Deuermeyer, Carter S/D, Lot 1, Dist. 2, $200,000; Tommy & Peggy Lawwell to Michael A. & Mary Beth Wortham, Webb Road, 2.75 Acres, Dist. 3, $275,000.