Flooding strikes Marshall County

Friday, March 2, 2018
The park at Berlin Springs struggled to deal with the additional water.

Hours of steady rain this week caused havoc in Marshall County on Thursday morning as flood waters spread across roads and rivers strained at their banks.

The county spent most of the day under a flash flood warning issued by the National Weather Service after several inches of rain fell overnight on the county and middle Tennessee in general.

Marshall County Schools were forced to close on Thursday as rising waters closed roads, interrupting bus transportation.

This Honda Pilot met its end in a flooded driveway along Rutledge Lane on Thursday.
Tribune photos by Jim Wilson

Several surrounding counties closed due to flooding issues as well.

Early Thursday morning, the Marshall County Office of Emergency Management issued a list of some 17 roads throughout the county, including within Lewisburg and Chapel Hill, that were closed by flood waters.

Water from the Duck River jumped the bridge in this photo taken from the bridge on Hwy. 431.