Tie vote ends Tillis’ resolution time change

Friday, February 23, 2018

Time is up on a bill introduced by Rick Tillis that would have adjusted the time zone for Tennessee.

Tillis, representing the 92nd District and Marshall County in the state house, filled a bill in January that would have left the state on daylight saving time year-round.

The bill stalled in the House’s State Government Subcommittee. Two members voted in favor, two opposed the proposal, and the fifth member of the committee was not present, leaving the vote tied and unable to move out of the committee.

Social media polls conducted by Tillis showed broad support for the idea, which would have given residents an extra hour of daylight during the winter months and done away with the need to change clocks during the year.

Essentially, the proposal would have placed the entire state on Eastern Standard Time, as opposed to the current system, which places middle and western Tennessee in the Central Time Zone.

Several bordering states are also considering similar legislation and last week legislators in the Florida House approved a measure to retain daylight saving time year-round.