Straight from the Tracks of Lynnville

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Greetings from the banks of Robertson Fork Creek, Lynnville, Tennessee.

The weather has been the most talked about thing the last few days. Now that we are in the month of February, the weather changes every minute. One minute it is warm and the next minute it is freezing cold. Sometimes the temperature will climb to a high reading. It will not be long and we will have some warmer weather for planting the garden. The rains we are receiving are so good for Mother Earth.

If your church, club, or organization has any news you would like people to know and read about, please send to Community News, P. O. Box 66, Lynnville, Tennessee 38472. People enjoy reading about happenings in and around Lynnville. The “Straight From The Tracks” column is in four newspapers, The Lynnville Line, Lynnville; The Pulaski Citizen, Pulaski; The Marshall County Tribune in Lewisburg; and The Daily Herald in Columbia.

Do you enjoy singing harmony and the old church hymns you grew up singing? If you do, come to the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church on Sunday, February 25 at 11 a.m. for an hour of good singing. The last Sunday of each month, there will be a singing at the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church located on Church Street. Mark your calendar and make plans now to attend. For information about the singing, call Mrs. Janet Tuckerman or Bobby Allen Hollis, Jr. SEE YOU AT THE SINGING!!!!!!!

If you have not visited “The Lynnville Fried Pie Company” located on the Lynnville Square, you should do so and taste some of their delicious sweets. If you need a cake, pie, or other sweets for a special occasion, place your order with Miss Sandra.

All of you “Purple and Gold” “Tigers” of The Robert B. Jones High School of Lynnville, please mark your calendar for Saturday, June 2, for the annual alumni meeting to be held in the Lynnville Municipal Building beginning at 11 a.m. More details about the meeting will appear in this column.

Hope Valentine’s Day on February 14 was a good day for everyone.

From the pages of Lynnville history of Mrs. Sarah Hewitt Dugger:

“ A Noted Tennessee Jurist was Judge John Haywood, who served first on the supreme bench of North Carolina and later of Tennessee, up to the time of his death in 1826. He was the author of the first book published in Nashville in 1809. Haywood F. McLaurine of Lynnville was the father of Mary Sumner McLaurine. Mary Sumner McLaurine lived on High Street and she was one the last telephone operators in Lynnville when the phones were changed to dial. Haywood F. McLaurine was the great grandson of Judge John Haywood. Judge Haywood owned a beaver top hat and Haywood F. McLaurine had inherited the hat. McLaurine sent the hat to Mrs. John Trotwood Moore, State Librarian in Nashville, to be placed in the state museum.

“Col. John W. Haywood was born near Raleigh, North Carolina, March 16, 1753 or possible 1762 as there are conflicting dates, but 1753 is thought to be the correct date of the two.

After his service in the war of the Revolution, he entered the profession of law. In 1794, he became Judge of the Superior Court of law and equity of his native state faithfully serving this charge until he migrated to Tennessee in 1807.

He purchased a fine farm six miles southeast of Nashville in Davidson County on the Nolensville Pike where he erected a substantial, but modest home, this pike is now State Highway Number 11.

He engaged in the practice of his great profession in the courts of the surrounding counties until he was elected Judge of the Superior Court of Law and Equity for the State of Tennessee in the year 1816. He served in that office until his death in 1826. While performing the duties of this high office, he wrote, The Annals of Tennessee without which much of the early history of the State would have been buried in oblivion and lost forever to the State and Nation.”

Will continue this article next week.

“On February 5, 1958, the Town of Lynnville financed a new medical clinic by a bond issue for $16,700.00. Dr. Jones F. Rutledge and his brother, Dr. Warren Rutledge of Lewisburg rented the clinic from the Town of Lynnville. Dr. Jones F. Rutledge was the doctor in Lynnville for over forty years in the clinic. The medical clinic is still open today and is located on Mill Street. The town remodeled the clinic several years ago and it looks so nice.” We are so glad the town built the medical clinic so we will always have a doctor in town.