Marshall Co. FCE annual bake-off

Friday, February 16, 2018
First place winners of the Marshall County FCE annual bake-off (Left to right) sitting: Claudia Braden, Linda Prince, Delores Johnson; standing: Emily Gordon and C. J. Johns.
photo submitted by Deborah Foster

The Marshall County FCE (Family, Community and Education) Club met for their annual bake-off on Thursday, Feb. 8. The baked goods were judged and the top 3 winners of each category were chosen. The categories were as follows: breads, candies, cookies, pies, cakes, and miscellaneous foods.

The following winners were chosen: Breads: 1st place, C. J. Johns-pie muffins; 2nd place, Deborah Foster-cinnamon roll casserole; 3rd place, Marcella Spence-Alabama cornbread.

Candies: 1st place, Claudia Braden-triple chocolate marshmallow delight; 2nd place, Peggy Hunter-chocolate peanut bites; 3rd place, Linda Prince-old fashioned peanut brittle.

Cookies: 1st place, Emily Gordon-butternuts; 2nd place, Peggy Hunter-thin & crispy oatmeal cookie; 3rd place, Delores Johnson-$250 Neiman Marcus cookie.

Pies: 1st place, Linda Prince-pecan pie; 2nd place, Marcella Spence-fried peach pie; 3rd place, Amelia Pettes-red velvet pie.

Cakes: 1st place, Delores Johnson-jam cake with speedy caramel frosting; 2nd place, Doris Collins-cranberry nut bundt cake; 3rd place - Tie between Peggy Hunterís graham cracker cake and Marcella Spencesís borden fruitcake.

Miscellaneous: 1st place, Melba Price-crescent cinnamon rolls; 2nd place, Emily Gordon-crabmeat wontons.

At this meeting, members donated paper items to the Child Development Center, 1600 Jason Maxwell Blvd. The members also provide various volunteer services throughout the county.

The club meetings are open to everyone and new members are always welcome. The Ostella FCE meets at the First Methodist Church in Cornersville, 11:30 a.m., the second Wednesday of each month and the Lewisburg FCE meets at the Hardison Annex, 1 p.m., the third Thursday of each month. If you are interested in becoming a member of the FCE, you can contact Terri Orr, Extension Agent at the UT Extension Office, (931)359-1929 or at