Board of Education recognizes counselors

Friday, February 16, 2018

At Monday’s Board of Education meeting, several counselors were recognized due to National School Counseling Week sponsored by the American School Counseling Association.

Every year, the special week is celebrated in February to acknowledge the importance and contribution of counselors across the nation.

“The Marshall County Board of Education would like to recognize our school counselors for being actively engaged in helping students examine their abilities, strengths, interests, and talents,” Director of Schools Jacob Sorrells said.

The following elementary counselors were recognized: Robyn Padgett from Oak Grove, Carroll Cope from Marshall Elementary, Mary Smith from Westhills, Debbie Gage from Cornersville Elementary, Pamela Gentry from Chapel Hill Elementary and Mignonne Sawyer from Delk Henson. Secondary counselors were also recognized at the meeting: Chris Coleman from Lewisburg Middle School, Edna London from Cornersville School, Jeanne Wiles and Blair Goodman from Marshall County High School and Becky Cheatham and Susan Wild from Forrest School.

The second thing on the agenda was the recognition of the students who scored 100 percent on TCAP/EOC. From Cornersville Elementary, sixth grader John Michael Jeter scored 100 percent on TCAP Math and Science. Jayden Randolph and Doug Tucker from Westhills Elementary School scored 100 percent on TCAP Science. Sam Johnson and Jesse England from Cornersville School scored 100 percent on EOC Chemistry.

At the end, the director’s report mentioned the request of review for the Disciplinary Hearing Authority. The parents of a student that has been remanded to alternative school have made an appeal against the decision.

According to Sorrells, the School Board has only three options—to affirm the decision of DHA, modify the decision to a lesser penalty, or grant a hearing.

“You’ve had the review. You’ve had the material. The ball is your court,” Sorrells said.

The motion to grant a hearing was approved five to three.