Colvin excels in first year at Huntsville

Friday, March 9, 2018
Forrest graduate Brynn Colvin (5) uses her strength to win a ball for the University of Alabama in Huntsville Lady Chargers.
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During the recruiting process, most coaches assure the potential recruit the opportunity to get big minutes during the players' inaugural season.

In the case of former Forrest soccer star Brynn Colvin, that is exactly what happened.

Colvin, who started playing with varsity as an eighth-grader and went on to set the single game scoring record against Fayetteville with seven goals before finishing with a whopping 57 career goals and 23 assists from the striker position has already become a key member of the University of Alabama in Huntsville soccer team.

"My coach said I would compete for playing time coming in so that's exactly what I did," Colvin said. "As a freshman you don't expect to play as much, but I definitely worked hard to possibly get the chance to and I'm happy I did.

I'm a really aggressive player and I think my coach saw that from the beginning so he expected me to go in and win balls and I tried to do my best."

Colvin has delivered.

The two-time District 9 A/AA MVP started her college career with a bang, playing in all 17 games with one start for the Chargers and finishing the 2017 season with three goals, three assists, and nine points on 15 shots and six shots on goal.

"The main difference had to be change of speed and just our teams," Colvin recalled. "From high school to college it's so different because in high school some people just play for fun but in college everyone has the same goal and they're putting their all into working for a championship. Don't get me wrong though, we still have fun doing it."

Colvin finished second on the team in goals scored, assists, and points while finishing fifth on shots and shots on goal.

The Chapel Hill native did all of that while ending the season 13th on the team in minutes played.

But despite all the early success there was plenty of other distractions that took some getting used to at the college level, both on the field and off.

"It took a few weeks to get used to the schedule, but my grades were great for my first semester," Colvin added. "I actually got on the GSC academic honor roll for our soccer team with several other freshman."

Although the personal attributes were stellar for a freshman at any level, the Chargers struggled to a 6-11 overall record and 4-10 record in the Gulf South Conference.

The record notwithstanding, the Chargers are on the brink of breaking through with a memorable season.

The relatively new program that started in 1996 finished the 2017 season with four losses by a single goal, seven losses came by two goals or less and just three of the 11 losses came by three goals or more.

The Chargers lost to #17 Lee University 1-0, #16 North Alabama 1-0, and UAH sported a 4-6 record at home.

Brynn Colvin (5) had three goals and three assists in her freshman campaign at UAH.

Colvin turned in a remarkable game against Oakwood College with a goal and three assists and also scored goals against Spring Hill College and Delta State, in just the third game of her career.

"Obviously it's hard shifting gears from high school to college soccer," Colvin continued. "The pace we played was faster but I loved it. Freshman year was an eye opener because you can't come in like every other freshman excited to have fun. Playing a college sport is like a job, but I wouldn't have it any other way."

With the recent signing of four of her former teammates with Columbia State Community College, the former Lady Rocket has wise advice for all of them and any other player coming up through the high school ranks.

"I would tell them, they can do it," Colvin offered. "If you want something, go out there and get it. Life is too short to not take a risk and go for what you want. Keep working hard and get there! Don't hold back, use your full potential and that goes for anything in life."

Like so many other former Forrest alumni, Colvin is proud to be from the small northern Marshall County town and loves to see all the current and future athletes thrive in athletics.

"It means a lot to me to represent Forrest and just help show the younger girls that though we go to a smaller school, if you push yourself and work, you can get to a higher level," Colvin said. "You just have to want it."

Colvin's story is a prime example.

Along with playing on a high level Division II soccer team, Colvin, who chose nursing as a major, now attends a university whose nursing program is ranked 54th in the country according to US News and World Report and one of the top 105 public universities in the nation by the same organization.

The Carnegie Foundation recently ranked Alabama-Huntsville very high in the research category, making UAH one in a group of just 73 elite research universities in the nation.

Such a high level of both athletics and academics just an hour and a half away from Chapel Hill make Alabama-Huntsville the perfect fit for Colvin.

"I chose UAH because it just worked out so perfectly," Colvin said. "I loved the team and the school and it just felt like it was in God's plan for me."