Bulldogs win three straight, two by shutout

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Raymond Cooksey tossed a three-hit shutout versus Wayne County as the Bulldogs swept the Wildcats Thursday and Friday before taking down Huntland 4-0 on Monday.
Tribune photo by Mike Inglsbee

Thursday, April 5 at Cornersville

Wayne County 101 022 0-6 10 2

Cornersville 100 403 X-8 10 3

Wayne County: Aaron Stooksberry 2-for-4, Jojo Swinea 2-for-4, Luke Nichols 2-for-3, Brilee Harris 1-for-3, Hunter Staggs 1-for-4, Adam Goss 1-for-3.

RS: Stooksberry 2, Harris, Goss, Swinea, Nichols.

BB: Harris, Goss.

2B: Stooksberry, Nichols.

HR: Stooksberry.

RBI: Stooksberry 2, Staggs 2, Harris.

SAC: Jordan James.

ROE: James, Harris.

FC: J James, Stooksberry, Staggs, Swinea.

CS: James, Swinea.

Team LOB: 5


E: Spencer Turnbow, Nichols.

DP: James, Stooksberry, Turnbow.

LP: Hunter Staggs.

Cornersville: Graham Duke 2-for-2, Bryce Hagan 2-for-2, Blake Pickett 2-for-4, Caleb Crowell 1-for-3, Raymond Cooksey 1-for-3, Cameron Whitaker 1-for-2, Kolbe McMahon 1-for-3.

RS: Duke 3, Hagan, Luke Terry, Whitaker, Pickett, McMahon.

BB: Duke 2, Hagan, Crowell, Tyler Wolaver, Whitaker.

2B: Duke, Hagan.

RBI: Cooksey 3, Hagan 3, Pickett, Crowell.

SAC: Cooksey, Hagan.

ROE: Cooksey, Crowell.

HBP: Whitaker.

GIDP: Tilden Jackson.

SB: Pickett, Whitaker.

Team LOB: 9


E: Jackson, Duke, Logan Courtemanche.

WP: Logan Courtemanche (2IP, 2H, 0R, 0ER, 4K, 0BB), Tyler Wolaver (4IP, 3H, 2R, 2ER, 1K, 2BB), Tilden Jackson (1IP, 5H, 4R, 2ER, 0K, 0BB).

Friday, April 6 at Wayne County

Cornersville 040 10-5 5 0

Wayne County 000 00-0 3 1

Wayne County: Aaron Stooksberry 1-for-2, Adam Goss 1-for-2, JoJo Swinea 1-for-2.

BB: Hunter Staggs.

2B: Swinea, Goss.

GIDP: AC Mills, Spencer Turnbow.

Team LOB: 2


E: Jordan James.

LP: A.C. Mills.

Cornersville: Bryce Hagan 2-for-3, Caleb Crowell 1-for-2, Raymond Cooksey 1-for-2, Cameron Whitaker 1-for-3.

RS: Graham Duke, Hagan, Logan Courtemanche, Blake Pickett, Kolbe McMahon.

BB: Tyler Wolaver, Cooksey, Courtemanche, Pickett, McMahon.

2B: Hagan 2, Crowell.

RBI: Bryce Hagan 3, Duke, Crowell.

ROE: Wolaver.

HBP: Pickett, Duke, Crowell.

SB: Pickett.

Team LOB: 8


DP: Duke 2, Hagan 2, Courtemanche, Wolaver.

WP: Raymond Cooksey (5IP, 3H, 0R, 0ER, 4K, 1BB).

Monday, April 9 at Huntland

Cornersville 002 011 0-4 9 0

Huntland 000 000 0-0 1 3

Cornersville: Tyler Wolaver 3-for-4, Tilden Jackson 2-for-3, Graham Duke 1-for-3, Kolbe McMahon 1-for-3, Bryce Hagan 1-for-4, Caleb Crowell 1-for-4.

RS: Jackson, Luke Terry, Hagan, Henlee Mitchell.

BB: Duke.

2B: Wolaver 2, Jackson, Duke, Hagan, Crowell.

RBI: Wolaver 2, Pickett, Crowell.

ROE: Raymond Cooksey.

HBP: Pickett.

SB: McMahon.


Team LOB: 8

WP: Graham Duke (7IP, 1H, 0R, 0ER, 12K, 4BB).

Huntland: Brandon Yarbrough 1-for-3.

BB: Dylan McCorkle 2, Micah Millraney, Garrett Jernigan.

3B: Yarbrough.

SAC: Millraney, Debron Holt.

PIK: McCorkle, Jernigan.

Team LOB: 3


E: Dylan Schultz, McCorkle, Zach Banks.

LP: Zach Banks.