Marshall County Memorial Library

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Marshall County Memorial Library

May 2018 Memorials

Carroll, Mary Thomas

“What Would Dolly Do”; with love and fond memories from Judy W. Poteete & Family.

Fullerton, Emily

“Lexie the Word Wrangler” and “The Sheep Who Hatched an Egg”; given by Carl & Gwen Warren.

George, Mack & Eleanor

“Faith” and “Gardenalia”; given by Brenda Hayes Pierce.

Haislip, Donald

Donation to the Book Fund; given by MCHS Class of 1963.

Marshall, Jimmy

“50 Things to Do With a Penknife”; given by Delina Medium United Methodist Church.

Petty, Russell B.

“Harp on the Willow”; given by Rosemary M. Stacey, Becky S. Allen, Phyllis W. Huey, Cynthia S. Haislip, Annelle H. Taylor, Gayle H. Cook, Brenda S. Walls, Judy W. Poteete, Sally S. Libs, Janie T. Cozart, Roberta W. Cozart, Marilyn G. Hooten, Carolyn G. Herriman, Faye H. Fitzpatrick, Mary Evelyn Z. Hopper, Linda S. Hall, Connie W. Beashers, Larry Baxter, Mike Haislip, Phil Sanders, Steve Crick, and Bill Hooten.

Phelps, Jimmie

Donation to the Book Fund; given by Waverly Duning, Natilee, Beth, Paul & Jim.

Smith, Thomas E.

“Everything Happens For a Reason”; given by Delina Medium United Methodist Church.

Smotherman, Barry

“I’ve Been Thinking”; given by ‘The Willis Family’-Phil Willis, Jane & Wayne Aldridge, Sonia & Tom Bratten.

Sweeney, Malvena

Donation to the Book Fund; given by Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Jones.

West, Teresa

“Woman of God”; given by Betty Young.

“Medicine Walk”; given by Josh West.

Whaley, Travis

“Every Night is Saturday Night”; given by Pam & Billy Thomason.

Wilburn, Billy

“Be the Hands and Feet: Living Out God’s Love For All His Children”, “Grow Something Different to Eat”, “Veggie Garden Remix”, “Garden Renovation”, “Can I Be Your Dog”, and “Bug Bear”; given by John Karby.


Wilkes, Vicki & Brent

“Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes”; given by Betty Woods Wilkes.


Donation to the Book Fund; given anonymously.

Donation to the Summer Reading Program; given by Don & Betsye Ledford.