Transit plan still open to ideas

Thursday, June 28, 2018

County residents still have time to help shape the future of transportation in Marshall County.

An interactive map of the county can be found at that allows residents to enter their comments directly onto a county road map.

No registration or log on is required to view or to enter information on the map, which is designed to be interactive and easy to use.

“We want their (residents) input,” said Mike Wiles, director of the Joint Economic and Community Development Board. “We are trying to engage people in how the county looks and works in the future.”

The county was chosen by the Tennessee Department of Transportation to serve as a test county for the development of a comprehensive transportation plan, funded by the state, that they hope to roll out across the state in the future.

A public session was held in April after the initial meeting of the steering committee in March. The steering committee is scheduled to meet again in July, followed by another public session for review and additional input.

After those two meetings, some 70 different issues or ideas have been identified so far.

Roughly half of the comments so far deal with safety issues, a quarter with congestion problems, and the balance with maintenance problems, freight or economic issues, and pedestrian access.

The goal of the project is to develop a picture of transportation needs and issues in the county and its municipalities so that a blueprint for the state, the county, and the towns can be built for future investments in transportation.