Tracks of Lynnville

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Greetings from Lynnville, Tennessee. Hope all fathers had a great Father’s Day on Sunday, June 17.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Sandra Kaye Johnson Hamlett of Lawrenceburg, formerly of Lynnville. She was the daughter of the late Ruth Hobbs Johnson and Ed Johnson. Kaye was a 1972 graduate of Jones High School in Lynnville where she was involved in all activities of the school.

Vendors wanting to reserve a booth for the annual Lynnville Blackberry Festival may call the Lynnville City Hall at 931-527-3158. The festival will be Saturday, June 23, on the Town Square. There will be music beginning at 7 p.m. Be sure and mark your calendar for this day and come to Lynnville, Tennessee.

Anyone wanting to give a memorial or in honor of someone during the year may send it to The Robert B. Jones High School Alumni Association. Mrs. Barbara Ann Hobbs Smith--Treasurer, 2317 Fowler Hollow Road, Lynnville, Tennessee 38472. Memorials or in honor of someone may be sent all during the year and the money will go toward the alumni scholarship fund. Two scholarships are given each year to two graduating seniors of Richland High School.

Former minister of the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church, 93-year-old Bob Cousar passed away at his home in Florida. He is survived by his wife Sue Ann Cousar. The Cousars served the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church for about eight years. Sue Ann was an instructor of piano at Jones High School in Lynnville. Mrs. Cousar was the director of the Lynnville Community Chorus.

The Lynnville First Presbyterian Church celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday, June 17 during the morning worship service. Gifts were given to the following categories: Father who has gone to church here the longest, Billy Kennedy, Oldest Father: William Pilkinton, Youngest Father: Jimmy Trigg, and the Father with the most children: Paul Quidera. Each father in the congregation received a homemade Father’s Day Card that looked like a tuxedo and a gift. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers!

Anyone wanting to take piano lessons, call 931-527-3466.

From the files of history of Mrs. Sarah Hewitt Dugger in 1880:

“The Presbyterians held their sacramental meeting at old Elk Ridge Church. This was the first church organized in Giles County. It was organized in 1810 by Rev. Gillespie. None of the original members survive, though some of their children born about that time are here to relate events of that early period as they heard them from the lips of their parents. The present building was erected in 1812, and is without doubt, the oldest church edifice in the State of Tennessee. It was recovered weatherboarded and ceiled about 35 years ago; but the dimensions, height, and location are about the same. The floor was put down with pins, and the holes made for the pegs still remain. There was a camp ground in the immediate vicinity for a number of years, and many date their spiritual birth from the place, It is related that the father of Governors Neil S. and John C. Brown, when they were small children, would come here in a wagon to worship.

Elk Ridge Presbyterian Church was located where the Stone’s Processing Plant is located on the Cornersville Highway, East 129.

Several members of the Elk Ridge congregation moved to the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church when it was built in 1867.”

The Young Ladies Home and Foreign Missionary Society of the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church will open a bazaar on Saturday, November 26th.”

Mrs. N. A. Smith, Jr., entertained the members of her Sunday School Class at the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church at a pleasant picnic Saturday at the country home of Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Smith.”