The Red Cross needs you

Monday, July 9, 2018

Every 60 seconds, the American Red Cross assists 53 people—people just like you.

At the Church Street Church of Christ Annex last Saturday in Lewisburg, the Red Cross team set up an open house to talk about what they do and how you can help.

People know that the American Red Cross steps up when disasters happen like household fires or destructive weather.

It helps out with just more than that though. The Red Cross assists local veterans and hosts blood drives across the states.

“The Red Cross open house was a great opportunity for people to connect and learn how to work together to support our community,” said Susan Steen from the Red Cross.

During the open house, chapter Executive Director Kathy Ferrell disclosed that finding volunteers is a major problem.

Marshall County does not have a local Red Cross team. Instead, the county falls under the Heart of Tennessee chapter, based in Murfreesboro, serving 17 area counties.

“It’s hard to operate a local team since we are based out in Rutherford,” Ferrell said. “But, we want people to know that we are exist, and we are here to help.”

Through April of this year, the Red Cross has helped 11 individuals locally with Direct Client Assistance in excess of $3,000. It has provided 28 services to military members, families, and veterans right here in Marshall County.

With 626 life-saving blood donations, the Red Cross continues its mission within the county by responding to any call.

Volunteers are always needed according to Ferrell.

The requirements are simple: pass a background check, be at least 18 years of age and complete the volunteer checklist within 30 days.

The checklist is in place, so volunteers can become engaged with the role of being a Red Cross Volunteer. On the checklist, there are online courses and campaign events. Almost all training will be hands-on.

“We get college students all the time. As long as they meet the two requirements of age and passing a background check, volunteer hours can be used for the Tennessee Promise,” Ferrell said.

The American Red Cross services are delivered more than ninety percent of the time by volunteers. According to Ferrell, the organization depends on its volunteer base in order to function efficiently.

Volunteer applications can be found online at the American Red Cross website.