More than a bridge, a monument

Friday, July 20, 2018
Friends, family, teammates, and the hearts of every resident of Cornersville took part in the dedication on Wednesday of a bridge on Coleman Road in memory of Bryan Giles.
Tribune photos by Scott Pearson

It’s not much of a bridge, really.

Town Creek, flowing underneath, isn’t exactly a mighty river.

They might as well be the Golden Gate Bridge or the Mississippi River, however, for the place that this little bridge and this little creek now represent for Cornersville.

On Wednesday, friends and family gathered to name this bridge in memory of Bryan Giles, a student at Cornersville High School who died last year in a tragic accident.

Town Administrator Scotty Brock said that he was saddened by the need for the occasion but that he was thankful for the support shown to the family by the community and especially the football team, of which Bryan was a proud member.

The Cornersville football team, for which Bryan wore the number 62 and whose bridge now bears the same number, made up a large part of the large crowd that attended the ceremony, a mark of how much Bryan meant to this community.

Coach Gerard Randolph said in his remarks that Bryan would always be a part of the program.

“I couldn’t ask for Bryan to have better friends,” said his mother, Cindy.

The bridge, right before Randy Curtis Drive turns into the high school campus, will be a monument seen by generations of Cornersville students and supporters.

At the time, Bryan’s untimely passed was credited with bringing together the town, the school, and the team, which went all the way to last year’s state championship game.

His influence went beyond Cornersville, obviously, as both Chapel Hill and Lewisburg sent representatives to the ceremony.

The resolution passed by the town of Cornersville to name the bridge noted of Bryan that “once you met him, you’d never forget him.”

Cornersville never will.