Super Pull comes back for big Saturday night

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Paul Holman won the final event of the Super Pull when he guided his 4-Play 6,200-lb. Modified Four-Wheel-Drive Truck to victory in a four-tractor pull-off.
Tribune photos by Anthony S. Puca

The theme for Friday night’s opening session of the Lions Super Pull of the South at Chapel Hill was never trust the weatherman.

“With the fear of tornado and hail in the forecast I spent quite a bit of time keeping my eyes on the sky,” Lions Club president Brian Williams said. “Safety of our crowd is the most important thing to the club.”

Due to some ominous reports of potential severe weather all day, a smaller than expected crowd showed up for session one, but the Saturday night crowd was huge and lively.

Chapel Hill Lions Club president Brian Williams addresses the crowd before the start of Saturday night’s final session at the Super Pull of the South.

“With the slow turn out (Friday), the heat got turned up to make sure Saturday night was a success,” Williams said. “With so many people in the area counting on us for help, no president ever wants to be the one to tell the kids no because the funds just are not there.”

“I haven't got a figure (attendance) yet, they will be lower than last year but overall I think we can still call this year a win.”

The one constant was the action on the track at Lions Motorsports Park with the pullers from all over the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands filling the night with non-stop excitement.

The Blue Blaze softball team did a fantastic job singing the National Anthem both nights at the Lions Super Pull of the South.

Session two went down to the wire with excitement in a final four-tractor pull-off in the Four Wheel Drive Division as Paul Holman in his 4-Play machine outdueled three other drivers to claim the win.

“We had quite a bit of excitement this year with the Bone Twister and the Smokin Hot Deere going up in flames,” Williams said. “I’m glad that they are both ok, and I would like to thank the NTPA and the track crew for their quick response.”

The Lions Club elects a new president every year and Williams is appreciative of his tenure and had a great experience interacting with the fans and the drivers.

Herndon, Kentucky’s Darrin Hunt guided his D2 Pro Stock Edition 10,000-lb. Pro Stock Tractor to a pair of wins.

“As nervous as I was to give my opening speech, the crowd make it very easy for me and I would be happy to do it all over again,” Williams said. “I have never been so proud of my position, as King Lion. It was very humbling to me for the people in the crowd have me stop to take a picture with them.”

Two drivers came up with clean sweeps as Washington, Indiana’s Steve Boyd drove his Green Streak 8,000-lb. Unlimited Modified Tractor to victory on both nights and Herndon, Kentucky’s Darrin Hunt guided his D2 Pro Stock Edition 10,000-lb. Pro Stock Tractor to a pair of wins.

What most people don’t see is the tremendous dedication and effort put forth by members of the Lions Club and the cast of hundreds of volunteers that make the event a success.

The action on the track never disappoints at the Super Pull.

Chapel Hill and Lions Club Motorsports Park will morph from a nationwide focus back to the small little country town that is full of people who love tractor pulling and giving to others through that love of the sport.

“I have to brag on all the people that give their time to put on this event,” Williams stated “They end Saturday night and are right back there Sunday morning tearing it all right back down and making it look like it never happened, they are incredible and I wish I had enough time to call them all out by name because they deserve it.”

The Super Pull dates for next year are July 19 and 20 and Williams is sure that it will be a huge success once again.

“It’s going to be bigger and better working right alongside of Chris Gilbert, Clint Bowman, Tim Tipps, and the rest of the club to put on this event here in my town that help so many people,” Williams said. “Overall I think it was a very successful weekend. The weather turned out to be wonderful and the crowd had a great time, which is why we are here.”

Top 3 Finishers

2,050-lb. Open Modified Mini Tractors


1. Chase Richardson, Vibrator-FP/330.845

2. Bart Sluis, Bobcat Jr.-FP/323.340

3. Grayson Shelton, Sawed Off-329.935


1. Camille Shelton, Splinter-332.250

2. Grayson Shelton, Sawed Off-318.340

3. Bart Sluis, Bobcat Jr.-316.325

8,000-lb. Unlimited Modified Tractors


1. Steve Boyd, Green Streak-329.545

2. Chuck Knapp, Screamin’ D-328.080

3. Adam Bauer, Cross-Threaded-321.865


1. Steve Boyd, Green Streak-332.250

2. Adam Bauer, Cross-Threaded-321.335

3. Chuck Knapp, Screamin’ D-317.100

8,000-lb. Super Stock Diesel Tractors


1. Steve Blagrave, Red Horse-299.735

2. Braden Shramek, Legacy-287.720

3. Colin Ross, Triple Bypass-281.445


1. Colin Ross, Triple Bypass-FP/003.790

2. Steve Blagrave, Red Horse-FP/BR

3. Kent Payne-327.885

10,000-lb. Pro Stock Tractors


1. Darrin Hunt, D2 Pro Stock Edition-329.220

2. Charles Pelletier, CP Dream II-327.965

3. Julia Ray, MAC Daddy-322.650


1. Darrin Hunt, D2 Pro Stock Edition-FP/324.930

2. Nick McCormick, Nasty Stuff-FP/320.110

3. Cody Shay-Red Edge-FP/314.605

6,200-lb. Modified Four-Wheel-Drive Trucks


1. Donald LaBonte, Rock-325.855

2. Jim Holman, 4-Play-317.140

3. Ted Skelton, Rock-312.230


1. Paul Holman, 4-Play-FP/333.865

2. Ben Ellis, Benjammin-FP/332.405

3. Larry Peterson, Profab Geared Up-FP/328.985

*FP is Full Pull when a driver reaches the end of the course.