Preston Hopkins upgrades funded

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Preston Hopkins Field is getting a face lift.

The County Commission unanimously approved a request from Marshall County Schools, at Monday evening’s monthly meeting, to move $1.1 million from its capital outlay budget for renovations at Preston Hopkins Field and at Cornersville.

Preston Hopkins will use $1.05 million of the funds for replacement of the current concessions stand and restroom facility, paving of walkways and parking areas, and additional fencing.

The current stand, described as being in bad condition, will be torn down and replaced entirely.

The press box at Preston Hopkins was, at one point, considered to need renovation or replacement, especially after it was damaged two years ago in a wind and hail storm, but it has been inspected by an engineer and rated as still structurally sound, according to the schools.

The other $49,000 is earmarked for paving the parking lot at the Cornersville High School stadium.

Director of Schools Jacob Sorrells said that the Cornersville project could probably be done sooner but that work at Preston Hopkins would begin after the close of the football season.

Commissioners also approved a lease agreement for the school system for 1,195 Chromebook laptops for student use. The schools are in the third year of a plan to provide every student with the use of current technology.

Prior to the meeting, a public comment session was held regarding the rezoning of an almost 8 acre parcel on Columbia Highway.

Developers were asking that the zoning be changed from A-1 agricultural to C-1 general commercial, with the intention of building approximately 65 townhouse-style rental units on the property.

Landowners close to the proposed site turned out to express their concerns with the project.

Additional traffic was cited as an issue as well as the impact of a two-story development, visually, in fairly rural stretch of Highway 50 just outside the Lewisburg city line.

After some discussion, the developers, Barrett Properties, asked that the commission remove the rezoning resolution from the agenda before facing a vote, deferring any action into the future.

Commissioners also authorized Mayor Joe Boyd Liggett to enter into an agreement with the town of Chapel Hill, allowing Marshall County Building and Codes to handle inspections and building permits for the town. Cornersville already has a similar arrangement with the county.