Duck River Raceway Park Results

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Brayden Gray parked his race car in victory circle after coming out on top in a 12-car field Kidís Mini Cup feature race.
Photos by Kim Griggs

Saturday, July 28

Top 5

Dylan McCrary won his fifth Pure Stock feature in a row.

Pure Stock

1. Dylan McCrary

2. Tim Wilson

3. John Whaley

4. Wally Walls

5. Cody Lovett

The 604 Crate Late Model feature win went to Chase Walls.

604 Crate Late Model

1. Chase Walls

2. David Seibers

3. Dustin Harris

4. Steven Holcomb

5. Robert Stutts

Shawn Mooneyhan captured his first Mod Lite feature win of the 2018 season.

Mod Lite

1. Shawn Mooneyhan

2. Jody Brannon

3. Austin Cagle

4. Jerry Hagewood

5. Jeremy Darnell

Pure Pony

Scott West was declared the winner of the Pure Pony feature.

1. Scott West

2. Joshua Nichols

3. Michael Chumbley

4. Travis Yoes

5. Rusty West

Mark Haddon took the Street Stock victory.

Street Stock

1. Mark Haddon

2. Michael Blade

3. Joe Hamm

4. Marcus McCrary

5. Gary Tucker

Jadon Frame bested the field of 15 Super Late Models to take the feature victory.

Super Late Model

1. Jadon Frame

2. Daniel Miller

3. Josh Putnam

4. Eric Hickerson

5. Scott Cook

Matt Odeneal took the top honors for the Two Barrel Late Model feature.

Two Barrel

1. Matt Odeneal

2. Jordan Judge

3. Travis Kress

4. Randy Gifford

5. Todd Minner

Front Wheel Drive

Daniel Walls collected another Front Wheel feature victory.

1. Daniel Walls

2. Rusty Stacey

3. Jeff Love


Dustin Hall captured his second Dwarf feature win of 2018.

1. Dustin Hall

2. Kris Lafever

3. Rodney Hall

4. Burton Graham

5. Dylan Hall

Steven Holcomb won the Emod feature event.


1. Steven Holcomb

2. Cord Primm

3. Blake Cross

4. Clayton Groves

5. Dakota Cheek

Mini Cup

1. Brayden Gray

2. Mason Odom

3. Walker Greer

4. Jaylyn Jo Floyd

5. Reese West

602 Crate Late Model

Colton Roberts was back in winnerís circle after collecting another 602 Crate Late Model feature win.

1. Colton Roberts

2. Grayson Brewer

3. Mark Tuck

4. Trey Clark