Going to class and the polls on Thursday

Friday, August 3, 2018

Thursday was a full day in Marshall County as students returned to school and voters went to the polls for the county general and the state primary election.

Students across the county went back to school for a half day before resuming a full time schedule on Monday. Traffic was heavy in parts of Lewisburg in particular as cars backed up while waiting to pick up children.

Voters turned out as well to cast ballots in municipal, county-wide, state and federal races. Marshall County, Lewisburg, and Chapel Hill will all see changes in their elected officials once the votes are counted.

Due to the Tribune’s production schedule, full coverage of the election results will appear in next Wednesday’s edition of the paper.

A recap of Thursday’s results will be available on marshallcountytribune.com once all of the county’s precincts are counted on Thursday night.