Investing in education

Friday, August 3, 2018

A new school year means new teachers, students, and desks, not to mention brand new books.

A few months ago, the Board of Education approved the director’s request for extra money in the budget of $100,000 for high-quality reading materials. These materials are for both teachers and students.

Tennessee standards help set a baseline for students and teachers. The scores help target trouble areas for students. The English Language Arts standards were modified last year in hopes of creating a more accurate test.

K-6 Curriculum Supervisor Tammy Lewis said that teachers did not have the right materials last year.

“Marshall County’s way of preparing for the new school year is investing in the education by purchasing educational materials,” Lewis said. “It helps teachers by having the right materials they need in order to meet the ELA standards.”

Even though ELA scores were better than the previous year, Director of Schools Jacob Sorrells said there is always room for growth.

Sorrells stated the main goal is to rank first in every category in the South Central district.

“Education is truly a team effort,” Sorrells said. “Even though schools have been closed, many administrators, teachers, and staff have been working hard this summer in preparation for the new year.”

Since the release of the report card, the Board of Education and teachers across the county have teamed up to find a solution to help children better their scores.

“We view the education of our young people as both a privilege and a great responsibility in which we want to excel,” Sorrells said. “We continuously strive to be the best.”

Marshall County schools are more than prepared for the new school year.

For the county, the first full day of school is Monday, Aug. 6