GOP candidates cruise in Marshall County

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

With the votes counted Tuesday night, Marshall County returned strong margins for the Republican ticket in the state-wide election.

Republican Bill Lee prevailed over Democratic challenger Karl Dean 7,065 votes to 2,888 in the race to replace Bill Haslam in the Tennessee governor's office.

Marsha Blackburn prevailed over Phil Bredesen in the race to fill Bob Corker's US Senate seat, 6,534 to 3,377.

In the US House of Representatives race for the 4th District seat, incumbent Scott DesJarlais defeated challenger Mariah Phillips 6,305 votes to 2,668.

Tennessee House District 92 Representative Rick Tillis ran away from little-known challenger Scott Coffey, 7,014 to 2,257.

In Cornersville, four incumbent aldermen were all unopposed for re-election. Brenda Hasting received 284 courtesy votes, Doris Arthur 257, Sheryl McClintock 253, and Mary Johnson 238.