Artist of the month fulfills a childhood dream

Thursday, December 13, 2018

68-year-old Marshall County native, Melanie Gordon, envisioned herself as a designer when she was younger.

Her parents were very against the idea.

By the time Gordon was in high school, she established her first small business as a local seamstress. Gordon realized her love for art and design back then, and even now she still has that same love.

“I knew back then what I wanted to do, and I’m just so glad I get to do it every day,” Gordon said.

With her sewing talents, it’s no wonder she wanted to go to fashion school.

Given that her parents never supported the idea of art as a career, it was out of the question. Yet, she still got her first job working at a shirt factory.

“Mother always told me I had busy hands,” Gordon said. “She wasn’t wrong. I do use them a lot. I started out with quilts and sewing other things, now look at me.”

Gordon has been in the art and design industry since 1977. Anything from interior design to creating costumes, Gordon surrounded herself with creative elements while working. She is best known for her detailed drawings of historical scenes. In addition to this, she also works on commission pieces to help recreate a memory of a favorite architectural structure.

“Being a member of the Historical Society helped my art,” Gordon said. “I was exposed to art and history as a kid. Those are two of my favorite things.”

Gordon can remember her father’s war stories and channels his love for history when she focuses on drawings of historical structures. She joined the Marshall County Historical Society right after high school and created a massive collection of illustrated designs from locations in the county.

Besides creating an extensive portfolio with pieces ranging from sketches to acrylics and watercolor pieces, people know Gordon for judging contests in Lawrenceburg.

“I love judging contests because it helps me grow as an artist too,” Gordon said.

Just last year, Gordon computerized her drawings for an afghan for the Chamber of Commerce. More of her accomplishments include being involved with the design of the display board for the 16th recertification of her community. She is the official scrapbook designer for the Chamber of Commerce.

“I consider being a member of the art guild an accomplishment,” Gordon said. “I can remember thinking back to when I was a kid and worrying I’d never be able to do what I love.”

Gordon has been a member of the guild for years. She is an active member and had her artist reception last week.

According to Vice President of Marshall County Art Guild, Carolyn Johns, Gordon is one of the most talented artists she knows.

“Lewisburg is so lucky to have her. To see someone capture the past the way she does, her art just blows me away,” Johns said.

“It’s taken me this long to get to where I am today, and I’m very proud of that,” Gordon said.