Security System Busts Burglars

Thursday, December 13, 2018

A combination of technology and old-fashioned police work brought a quick end to a home burglary that occurred on Anderson Lane during the day on Friday.

The homeowner’s security system alerted him via his phone that the alarm had been activated.

The homeowner was able to remotely view the security camera feed on his phone and saw two individuals inside the home, wearing masks to hide their identities, as well as the vehicle they were driving.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to the home, finding the front door to the home had been forced open.

After clearing the home, deputies, along with the homeowners, discovered that a safe containing a substantial amount of cash and several firearms had been taken from the residence.

While this was occurring, MCSO detectives noticed a vehicle, matching the description from the scene, with three individuals inside pulling into an out building at a home on Verona Caney Road.

At the Verona Caney location, deputies encountered William Middleton and Tanner Foster.

The vehicle parked there matched the one seen on the surveillance tape and the safe from the Anderson Lane residence was found in the back seat.

Middleton and Foster were both charged with aggravated burglary and theft over $10,000. Their total bonds were set at $15,000 each.

Warrants were issued for the third man, Franklin Haskins, who had left the scene.

He was arrested in Shelbyville the next day on the same charges.

Later the same day, the MCSO received a report that Middleton’s truck was being driven away from the residence on Verona Caney Road.

Contacted in the jail, he said that he had not given permission for anyone to use the vehicle, which was then reported stolen.

The truck was located the next day in a parking lot in Shelbyville.