Forrest wrestling off to 6-3 start

Friday, December 21, 2018
Two-time defending state champion Jeff Gross is off to a 13-1 start with his only loss coming to Smyrnaís Cameron Henderson in the 138-pound Harpeth Invitational final via a close 8-6 decision.
Photos by Shanna McCoy

The Forrest Rocketsí wrestling team is coming off a successful 2017 season that produced one state title, two runners-up, plus one third, fourth, fifth, and sixth-place medalist at the TSSAA State Wrestling Tournament in February.

Jeff Gross, Wesley McCoy, Cole Geeting, Austin Getting, Nick McClendon, Drew Carlisle, Bryton Spitzley, and Cody Donnelly were the eight at state last season as Gross led the way, capturing back-to-back state and region titles in 2017.

Carlisle and McCoy both won region titles and runner-up finishes at state, while McClendon and Cole Geeting also won region titles at Sequatchie County High School.

Forrest senior Wesley McCoy (top) gets a good throw and takedown at the BGA duals on Saturday.

The Rockets won the Region 3A-AA team title and had their best ever finish at the state tournament when they finished in second place behind Gibbs.

Austin Geeting, Carlisle, Spitzley, and Donnelly all graduated, but the Rockets are off to 6-3 record in dual matches this season.

Forrest wrestled Marshall County High School last night and host the Rocket Rumble on Saturday.

Forrest senior Macy Brown battles with Columbia Centralís Daija Sams on December 11 in Columbia.

Below are some of the results from this season and individual records.

Tuesday, December 18

At Forrest

Forrest 39, Creek Wood 6

182-Wesley McCoy over Matthew Trotter (Creek Wood), (Dec 3-2).

195-Austin Connell over Garrett Hazelgrove (Creek Wood), (Fall 2:57).

220-Noah Hill over Micah Magrecke (Creek Wood), (Fall 1:26).

285-Double Forfeit.

106-Double Forfeit.

113-Double Forfeit.

120-Forest Ozburn over Dylan Baker (Creek Wood), (Dec 9-7).

126-Alexander Smith (Creek Wood) over Asa Nance, (Fall 1:32).

132-Double Forfeit.

138-Double Forfeit.

145-Jeffrey Gross, (For.).

152-Carson Blackwell over Jeffery Garland (Creek Wood), (Fall 5:13).

160-Justin Leonard over Christian Brunner (Creek Wood), (Dec 11-5).

170-Cole Geeting over Hunter Spence (Creek Wood), (Fall 1:13).

BGA Duals

Saturday, December 15


Forrest 34, BGA 21

145-Jeffrey Gross over Kevin Dennis (Battle Ground Academy), (Fall 1:03).

152-Carson Blackwell, (For.).

160-Justin Leonard over Charlie Park (Battle Ground Academy), (Fall 4:36).

170-Wesley McCoy over Dolan Eckhart (Battle Ground Academy), (Fall 4:46).

Rocket senior Austin Connell gets on top of Maxwell Sale from Battle Ground Academy on December 15.

182-Maxwell Sale (Battle Ground Academy) over Austin Connell, (Fall 4:35).

195-Teddy Hollaway (Battle Ground Academy) over Noah Hill, (Dec 8-6).

220-Iman Lohrasbi (Battle Ground Academy), (For.).

285-Double Forfeit.

106-Double Forfeit.

113-Braiden Vanderploeg over Trace Alexander (Battle Ground Academy), (MD 17-4).

120-Forest Ozburn, (For.).

126-Zach Flores (Battle Ground Academy) over Asa Nance, (Fall 1:10).

132-Double Forfeit.

138-Double Forfeit.

Forrest 41, FRA 24

170-Cole Geeting over Kendall Warpool (Franklin Road Academy), (Fall 1:25).

182-Wesley McCoy over Stephen Vickers (Franklin Road Academy), (Fall 0:41).

195-Noah Hill over Camden Frankfather (Franklin Road Academy), (Fall 0:40).

220-Robert Coppock (Franklin Road Academy), (For.).

285-Double Forfeit.

106-Double Forfeit.

113-Braiden Vanderploeg, (For.).

120-Dylan Rhoden (Franklin Road Academy) over Forest Ozburn, (Fall 4:35).

126-Asa Nance, (For.).

132-William Roberts (Franklin Road Academy), (For.).

138-Double Forfeit.

145-Jeffrey Gross over Jonathan Stoxstill-Diggs (Franklin Road Academy), (TF 17-1).

152-Carson Blackwell over Noah Beasley (Franklin Road Academy), (Fall 0:25).

160-Drew White (Franklin Road Academy) over Justin Leonard, (Fall 3:07).

Forrest 40, Nashville Christian School 24

160-Justin Leonard over Logan White (Nashville Christian School), (Fall 1:52).

170-Cole Geeting, (For.).

182-Wesley McCoy, (For.).

195-Joseph Dyer (Nashville Christian School) over Noah Hill, (Fall 3:44).

220-Richmond Flowers (Nashville Christian School), (For.).

285-Aaron Gray (Nashville Christian School), (For.).

106-Double Forfeit.

113-Braiden Vanderploeg, (For.).

120-Forest Ozburn, (For.).

126-Ian Rogers (Nashville Christian School) over Asa Nance, (Fall 1:48).

132-Double Forfeit.

138-Jeffrey Gross over Joseph Curley (Nashville Christian School), (MD 9-1).

145-Double Forfeit.

152-Carson Blackwell, (For.).

Forrest 57, Knoxville Webb 12

152-Carson Blackwell, (For.).

160-Justin Leonard over Jeffery Eberting (Webb School of Knoxville), (Fall 1:58).

170-Cole Geeting, (For.).

182-Wesley McCoy over Jake Fuller (Webb School of Knoxville), (Fall 1:30).

195-Austin Connell over Leonardo Bonifacio (Webb School of Knoxville), (Fall 1:13).

220-Noah Hill over Brik Boruff (Webb School of Knoxville), (Fall 3:34).

285-Double Forfeit.

106-Matthew Tieng (Webb School of Knoxville), (For.).

113-Forest Ozburn, (For.).

120-Braiden Vanderploeg, (For.).

126-Asa Nance, (For.).

132-Double Forfeit.

138-Billy Robinson (Webb School of Knoxville), (For.).

145-Jeffrey Gross over Zack Tieng (Webb School of Knoxville), (Dec 3-1).

Records as of December 19.

Jeff Gross (13-1)

Noah Hill (10-1)

Carson Blackwell (10-4)

Wesley McCoy (9-1)

Cole Geeting (9-4)

Braiden Vanderploeg (6-3)

Justin Leonard (6-5)

Forest Ozburn (5-4)

Austin Connell (3-1)

Dylan Walls (0-2)

Gary Clausel (0-2)

Asa Nance (3-5)