Tigerette bowlers make history with first region berth

Wednesday, January 9, 2019
The Marshall County Tigerettes pose with their first-ever district runner-up plaque after finishing in second place in the District 8 Tournament at the Tenn Pin Alley in Columbia on Thursday.
Tribune photos by Anthony S. Puca

The Marshall County High School girls bowling team etched its mark in the history books on Thursday at the Tenn Pin Alley in Columbia when they reached the finals of the District 8 Bowling Tournament.

“They are super excited, they have worked hard all year,” MCHS assistant coach Curtis Self said. “Last year they came in as the number-one seed and they just weren’t used to that spot and faltered in the second round against Lawrence County.”

“This year they came back a lot more confident, a lot more ready for the experience, and they were just ready, they were there.”

The Tigerettes finished in second place behind Lawrence County to clinch a berth at the Divison I Region 4 Tournament at Smyrna Bowling Lanes on Monday.

“It was a very close match and the girls played really hard,” Self said. “Some of the girls were battling through injuries and they still came back.”

“Lawrence County had some really good carries in that last game there and we had some bad carries where we just couldn’t carry some of our spares and if we did, I think we would have come out on top.”

Second-seeded Marshall County took down fifth-seeded Columbia Academy 21-6 in round one as they swept all three games in the series.

Marshall County scored 956 pins in the first game as Tori Jordan tossed a game-high 182 for the Tigerettes with Alexia Udell one pin behind her teammate at 181.

In game two, MCHS won a close 888-838 match with Abby Self rolling a 184 and her sister Emma two pins behind at 182.

The Tigerettes closed out the Lady Bulldogs with an 887-849 win over CA as Jordan caught fire with a 200 game and Abby Self was not far behind at 190.

Victoria Curran had a solid performance for the Tigerettes, who advanced to the region tournament for the first time in school history.

MCHS took on Spring Hill in the semifinals and the match was neck-and-neck the entire way.

After the three-game set, the two squads were tied at 13 ˝ with the match being decided on total pin falls and the Tigerettes winning 2,722-2,600.

Tori Jordan finds the alley for strike at the District 8 Tournament at the Tenn Pin Alley in Columbia.

Jordan rolled a 195 to lead the game one score sheet with Abby Self totaling 185.

Alexia Udell turned it up in game two, leading Marshall County with a 205, while Abby Self was second again at 161.

Udell also led MCHS in the third game with a 162 and the Self sisters tied for second with a pair of 146’s.

Top-seeded Lawrence County took the upper hand in the district final as they beat the Tigerettes 982-916 in the first game as all six Lady Wildcats rolled over a 140 total.

Jordan had a 173 for the Tigerettes with Abby Self one pin behind.

Abby Self lets loose a ball that went for a strike at the District 8 Tournament.

In game two, MCHS came back with a 1,025-968 win as Abby Self came up with her first 200 game of the day, scoring a 202 and Alexia Udell was second with a 182.

Marshall County’s Alexia Udell winds up for a strike at the District 8 Tournament on Thursday.

Alexia Udell finished the tournament with a bang, rolling a team-high 212 in the third game and Emma Self was also on fire with a 191, but it was not enough to defeat the Lady Wildcats.

“Last year they put so much pressure on themselves, especially coming in as the number-one seed,” Self said. “This year coming in as the two-seed they were kind of the underdog and they did not have near the pressure and they just enjoyed the environment and the event.”

“We will do another practice before the regionals and I expect we will come in ready and this will help them a lot going into the tournament.”

On the boys side, the Tigers came in as the fifth seed and took on third-seeded Franklin County in the opening round.

Jovane Garcia turned in three solid games for the Tigers, who were eliminated in the first round by Franklin County.

It was a close match the entire way as the two squads battled to a 4-4 tie after the first game as three Tiger bowlers broke the 190 mark with Jovane Garcia rolling a 198, while Michael Taylor and Jace Fear rolled 191’s.

The Rebels had three bowlers break 200 in the second game and edged ahead 9-7.

In the third game Fears came up with a big 203 and the Tigers scored 5 ˝ points, but it was not enough as Franklin County took the all-important three points on total pin falls and advanced to the semifinals.

The Lawrence County boys completed the Wildcat sweep when they took down Columbia Central 19-8 in the finals.


First Round

Marshall County 21, Columbia Academy 6

Game One

Marshall County (956)

Katie Udell-163

Victoria Curran-133

Abby Self-133

Emma Self-164

Tori Jordan-182

Alexia Udell-181

Columbia Academy (778)

Emma Witt-150

Shelby Lentz-136

Nicollette Harper-147

Rylee Stomatis-115

Mariah Kittrell-123

Olivia Wolfe-107

Game Two

Marshall County (888)

Katie Udell-112

Victoria Curran-127

Abby Self-184

Emma Self-182

Tori Jordan-123

Alexia Udell-140

Columbia Academy (838)

Emma Witt-161

Shelby Lentz-148

Nicollette Harper-145

Rylee Stomatis-127

Mariah Kittrell-116

Olivia Wolfe-141

Game Three

Marshall County (887)

Katie Udell-96

Victoria Curran-134

Abby Self-190

Emma Self-141

Tori Jordan-200

Alexia Udell-126

Columbia Academy (849)

Emma Witt-209

Shelby Lentz-150

Nicollette Harper-148

Rylee Stomatis-126

Mariah Kittrell-106

Olivia Wolfe-110


Marshall County 13 ˝, Spring Hill 13 ˝ (Total Pins: Marshall County 2,722, Spring Hill 2,600)

Game One

Marshall County (955)

Victoria Curran-150

Madison Hinson-114

Abby Self-187

Emma Self-169

Tori Jordan-195

Alexia Udell-140

Spring Hill (815)

Steevi Barry-128

Acelyn Turner-148

Brianna Perez-118

Emmaly Stewart-177

Carly Chessor-133

Cheryl Cates-111

Game Two

Marshall County (907)

Victoria Curran-117

Madison Hinson-117

Abby Self-161

Emma Self-155

Tori Jordan-152

Alexia Udell-205

Spring Hill (906)

Steevi Barry-146

Acelyn Turner-179

Brianna Perez-147

Emmaly Stewart-160

Carly Chessor-137

Cheryl Cates-137

Game Three

Marshall County (860)

Victoria Curran-147

Madison Hinson-98

Abby Self-146

Emma Self-146

Tori Jordan-159

Alexia Udell-164

Spring Hill (879)

Steevi Barry-134

Acelyn Turner-180

Brianna Perez-146

Emmaly Stewart-161

Carly Chessor-137

Cheryl Cates-121

District Championship

Lawrence County 17, Marshall County 10

Game One

Marshall County (916)

Emma Self-135

Tori Jordan-173

Alexia Udell-136

Katie Udell-113

Victoria Curran-156

Abby Self-172

Lawrence County (982)

Madison Goswert-138

Gracen Patterson-140

Halie Ratliff-157

Bailee Hagan-159

Kenzie Renfro-160

Cetterria Wilson-162

Game Two

Marshall County (1025)

Emma Self-149

Tori Jordan-138

Alexia Udell-182

Katie Udell-180

Victoria Curran-174

Abby Self-202

Lawrence County (968)

Madison Goswert-170

Gracen Patterson-127

Halie Ratliff-186

Bailee Hagan-132

Kenzie Renfro-148

Cetterria Wilson-205

Game Three

Marshall County (959)

Emma Self-191

Tori Jordan-149

Alexia Udell-212

Katie Udell-116

Victoria Curran-125

Abby Self-166

Lawrence County (1023)

Madison Goswert-192

Gracen Patterson-132

Halie Ratliff-187

Bailee Hagan-195

Kenzie Renfro-200

Cetterria Wilson-117


First Round

Franklin County 14 ˝, Marshall County 12 ˝

Game One

Marshall County (1103)

Ethan Hill-112

Michael Taylor-191

Jace Fear-191

Xavier Harris-144

Matthew Dorman-167

Jovane Garcia-198

Franklin County-(1065)

Anna Fornecker-174

Haley Powell-163

Luke Kimbrell-169

James Walker-211

Chase Smith-166

Paul McRae-182

Game Two

Marshall County (1039)

Ethan Hill-165

Michael Taylor-175

Jace Fear-162

Xavier Harris-184

Matthew Dorman-166

Jovane Garcia-187

Franklin County (1051)

Anna Fornecker-114

Haley Powell-138

Luke Kimbrell-222

James Walker-210

Chase Smith-145

Paul McRae-222

Game Three

Marshall County (1069)

Ethan Hill-167

Michael Taylor-177

Jace Fear-203

Xavier Harris-164

Matthew Dorman-178

Jovane Garcia-180

Franklin County (1027)

Anna Fornecker-112

Haley Powell-177

Luke KImbrell-224

James Walker-167

Chase Smith-168

Paul McRae-179