Cathey happy for sponges

Friday, January 25, 2019

Director of the Lewisburg Water and Waste Water Department Trigg Cathey loves sponges.

Right now they are one of his favorite things to talk about.

Not the kitchen sink kind of sponge or the cartoon sponge but the actual animal sponge itself.

Testing in Rock Creek by the Environmental Protection Agency downstream of the waste water plant’s discharge of cleaned water found that the freshwater sponges had reestablished themselves in the creek.

While not the prettiest animal to look at, sponges are sensitive to the quality of water in their habitats and their presence in the creek supports other testing that shows a marked increase in the water quality of Rock Creek.

“Our guys are doing a great job,” said Cathey. “Our tests show that its extremely pure water, and it shows in the sponges. They only grow in very pure water.”