High School Box Scores

Friday, March 22, 2019
Forrest senior Grayson Whaley tossed a perfect game Wednesday night at Chapel Hill as the Rockets run-ruled Fairview 10-0.
Tribune photos by Anthony S. Puca

Whaley tosses perfect game, Sweeney gets a slam for Rockets!

Wednesday, March 20

At Forrest

Fairview 000 000 X-0 0 3

Forrest 102 016 X-10 5 3



E: Wesley Jean 2, Ben Best.

DP: Best.

LP: Bradey Brackeen.

Forrest: Cannon Cervantes 1-for-1, Ethan Mealer 1-for-3, Blaize Sweeney 1-for-2, John Randall Dippold 1-for-1, Gauge Anderson 1-for-2.

BB: Max Kirby, Sweeney, Grayson Whaley, Cody Sisk, Anderson.

RS: Brett Burnham 2, Anderson 2, Cervantes, Mealer, Sweeney, Dippold, Sisk, Justin Gillespie.

2B: Cervantes.

HR: Sweeney.

Grand slam: Sweeney.

RBI: Sweeney 4, Mealer 2, Cervantes 2.

ROE: Whaley, Mealer, Burnham.

FC: Mealer.

HBP: Sweeney, Mealer, Burnham, Kirby.

GIDP: Sweeney.

SB: Anderson 2, Dippold 2, Mealer, Sisk, Cervantes, Burnham.

Team LOB: 5

WP: Grayson Whaley (6IP, 0H, 0R, 0ER, 9K, 0BB)

Cornersville’s Carson Stacey picked up the win on the mound at Lynchburg Tuesday night as the Bulldogs (5-1, 2-0) won 10-9 in eight innings to complete the regular season sweep over Moore County (1-4, 0-2).

Bulldogs complete sweep over Moore County

Tuesday, March 19

At Moore County

Cornersville 210 101 41-10 14 5

Moore County 104 301 00-9 8 2

Cornersville: Raymond Cooksey 3-for-5, Cameron Whitaker 2-for-5, Caleb Crowell 2-for-3, Blake Pickett 2-for-4, Tyler Wolaver 1-for-5, Graham Duke 1-for-4, Tilden Jackson 1-for-4, Eli Woodard 1-for-4, Logan Courtemanche 1-for-4.

BB: Crowell, Duke, Woodard.

RS: Jackson 2, Woodard 2, Whitaker, Wolaver, Crowell, Cooksey, Pickett, Luke Terry.

2B: Cooksey, Whitaker.

3B: Wolaver.

HR: Crowell.

RBI: Caleb Crowell 2, Blake Pickett 2, Cam Whitaker 2, Tyler Wolaver, Raymond Cooksey, Logan Courtemanche.

ROE: Wolaver.

FC: Jackson, Pickett.

HBP: Crowell, Jackson.

SB: Whitaker 2, Cooksey, Pickett, Woodard.

Team LOB: 9


E: Duke 3, Dawson Brumit, Wolaver.

WP: Carson Stacey (3IP, 2H, 1R, 0ER, 2K, 0BB).

Starter: Raymond Cooksey (3.1IP, 5H, 7R, 3ER, 2K, 4BB), Tyler Wolaver (1.2IP, 1H, 1R, 0ER, 2K, 4BB).

Moore County: Gage Burt 2-for-5, Bryson Dobbs 1-for-2, Ryder Morey 1-for-4, Hunter Brown 1-for-3, Cameron Pykiet 1-for-4, Jimmy Stewart 1-for-4, Ben Fletcher 1-for-4.

BB: Dobbs 3, Templeton 2, Brown 2, Stewart.

RS: Brown 3, Dobbs 2, Templeton, Morey, Stewart.

RBI: Stewart 3, Morrey 2, Harder.

ROE: Templeton, Stewart, Burt, Cameron Pykiet.

FC: Brown, Pykiet, Harder.

HBP: Morrey.

SB: Brown.

Team LOB: 11


E: Dobbs, Burt.

LP: Carson Templeton.

Next Game: Thursday, Forrest at Cornersville, 5 p.m.

Tigers fall to Columbia Central

Monday, March 18

At Columbia Central

Columbia Central 002 302 0-7 8 0

Marshall County 013 000 0-4 5 0

Columbia Central: Bryce Symlar 2-for-4, JJ Kercado 2-for-4, Tank Gordon 2-for-2, Jack Quinn 1-for-3, Caden Czajka 1-for-3.

BB: Jaden Hamm, Quinn, Gordon.

RS: Quinn 2, Gordon 2, Cameron, Hamm, Czajka.

2B: Gordon 2, Symlar.

RBI: Gordon 3, Symlar 2, Czajka, Luke Flatt.

SF: Flatt.

FC: Quinn, Hamm, Cameron.

HBP: Cameron 2.

SB: Hamm.

CS: Gordon.

Team LOB: 6

WP: Jaden Hamm.

SV: JJ Kercado.

Marshall County: Mitchell Ford 2-for-3, Ryan Kirby 2-for-3, Zack Graves 1-for-2.

BB: Bryson Hammons 3, Zack Graves 2, Ford, Hunter Haurez.

RS: Ford, Zack Gravers, JW Beasley, Bryson Whaley.

2B: Ford.

3B: Zack Graves.

RBI: Ford 2, Preston Shelton, Thomas Beardsley.

SAC: Walker Whaley.

FC: Peyton Graves, Shelton.

SB: Beasley, Bryson Whaley.

CS: Zack Graves.

Team LOB: 7

LP: Hunter Haurez (5IP, 4H, 5R, 5ER, 6K, 0BB), Walker Whaley (2IP, 4H, 2R, 2ER, 0K, 0BB).

Kennedy Gillespie had a huge night at the plate in Cornersville Wednesday night, going 4-for-4 with a pair of doubles and 5 RBIs as the Lady Rockets blanked the Lady Bulldogs in a 15-0 five-inning, run-rule win.

Lady Rockets blank Cornersville in five innings

Wednesday, March 20

At Cornersville

Forrest 043 44X X-15 14 0

Cornersville 000 00X X-0 3 6

Forrest: Kennedy Gillespie 4-for-4, Kaitlin Leverette 3-for-4, Jenna Blanton 1-for-4, Kiersten Blalock 1-for-1, Laura Mealer 1-for-2, Karley Daughrity 1-for-2, Zoe Long 1-for-2, Kayla Gillespie 1-for-3, Ally Blanton 1-for-2.

BB: Long 2, Mealer, Ally Blanton.

RS: Long 4, Kayla Gillespie 3, Leverette 2, Mealer 2, Sayrna Kurtz 2, Blaylock, Daughrity.

2B: Kennedy Gillespie 2, Kayla Gillespie.

HR: Leverette.

RBI: Kennedy Gillespie 5, Ally Blanton 3, Zoe Long 2, Jenna Blanton, Kayla Gillespie, Katlin Leverette.

SAC: Daughrity.

ROE: Anna Blanton, Kayla Gillespie, Long, Mealer.

HBP: Ally Blanton, Daughrity, Kayla Gillespie.

SB: Long 4, Mealer 2.

CS: Daughrity, Leverette, Mealer.

Team LOB: 7.

WP: Ashley Milligan (3IP, 2H, 0R, 0ER, 3K, 1BB), Lauren Gillespie (2IP, 1H, 0R, 0ER, 3K, 0BB).

Cornersville: Abbie Woodard 1-for-2, Cora Duke 1-for-2, Alicia Polk 1-for-2.

BB: CJ Thompson.

2B: Polk, Woodard.

CS: Duke.


E: Thompson.

LP: Aleia Childress.

Thursday, March 21


Forrest at Cornersville

Forrest 332 302 X-13 10 1

Cornersville 110 000 X-1 4 9

Forrest: Ethan Mealer 2-for-3, Blaize Sweeney 2-for-5, Max Kirby 1-for-3, Grayson Whaley 1-for-1, Spence Oliver 1-for-2, Cannon Cervantes 1-for-1, Cody Sisk 1-for-4, Gauge Anderson 1-for-4.

BB: Whaley 3, Brett Burnham 2, Devon Aydelot.

RS: Burnham 3, Kirby 2, Cervantes 2, Mealer, John Randall Dippold, Sweeney, Whaley, Oliver, Anderson.

HR: Oliver, Anderson, Kirby.

RBI: Sweeney 4, Oliver 3, Kirby 2, Anderson, Cervantes, Whaley.

SAC: Kirby.

SF: Whaley, Oliver.

ROE: Burnham 3, Sweeney, Mealer, Sisk, Kain Moses, Kirby.

HBP: Mealer, Cervantes.

SB: Cervantes.

Team LOB: 12


E: Anderson.

WP: Ethan Mealer (3IP, 2R, 1ER, 1K, 2BB), Cannon Cervantes (3IP, 1H, 0R, 0ER, 3K, 1BB).

Cornersville: Cameron Whitaker 1-for-3, Caleb Crowell 1-for-3, Raymond Cooksey 1-for-3, Blake Pickett 1-for-2.

BB: Tilden Jackson 2, Tyler Wolaver.

RS: Whitaker, Cooksey.

HR: Cooksey.

RBI: Crowell, Cooksey.

FC: Cooksey.

HBP: Graham Duke.

PIK: Jackson

Team LOB: 5


E: Duke 5, Wolaver, Carson Stacey, Logan Courtamanche, Jackson.

LP: Cam Whitaker.

Marshall County at Independence

Jim Painter Classic

Marshall County 100 00X X-1 4 2

Independence 402 32X X-11 13 3

Marshall County: Walker Whaley 1-for-2, Ryan Kirby 1-for-3, Colton Barber 1-for-2, Hunter Huarez 1-for-2.

BB: Whaley, Bryson Hammons.

RS: Whaley.

ROE: Kirby, Preston Shelton.

FC: Shelton.

PIK: J.W. Beasley.

Team LOB: 7


E: Barber, Tristan Griggs.

DP: Kirby, Shelton.

LP: Zack Graves (3IP, 6H, 6R, 4ER, 0K, 3BB), Logan McKnight (1.1IP, 7H, 5R, 5ER, 0K, 1BB).

Independence: Will Tobin 3-for-4, Ethan Small 3-for-4, Chayton Gray 2-for-4, Slater Schield 2-for-3, Robert Hassell 1-for-1, William Burnette 1-for-3, Jackson Riedling 1-for-3.

BB: Hassell 3, Grant Morgan.

RS: Small 3, Hassell 2, Gray 2, Tobin 2, Burnette, Slater Schield.

2B: Tobin, Small.

HR: Hassell.

RBI: Small 4, Riedling 2, Hassell, Slater Schield, Burnette.

ROE: Small, Creed McClellan.

SB: Hassell 2.

Team LOB: 5


E: Hassell, Slater Schield, McClellan.

WP: Cooper Hargrove (5IP, 4H, 1R, 0ER, 5K, 2BB).


Forrest at Giles County

Forrest 042 25X X-13 12 4

Giles County 120 00X X-3 2 1

Forrest: Kennedy Gillespie 3-for-3, Karley Daughrity 2-for-2, Zoe Long 2-for-3, Anna Blanton 1-for-3, Kaitlin Leverette 1-for-3, Laura Mealer 1-for-3, Ally Blanton 1-for-2, Kayla Gillespie 1-for-3.

BB: Jenna Blanton, Kiersten Blalock, Leverette, Mealer, Daughrity, Long, Ally Blanton.

RS: Mealer 3, Leverette 2, Kennedy Gillespie 2, Jenna Blanton, Blalock, Daughrity, Long, Kayla Gillespie, Sayrna Kurtz.

2B: Daughrity 2, Kayla Gillespie.

HR: Kennedy Gillespie.

RBI: Kennedy Gillespie 4, Daughrity 3, Ally Blanton, Anna Blanton, Leverette, Long, Mealer.

SAC: Daughrity.

ROE: Mealer.

FC: Jenna Blanton.

SB: Anna Blanton, Jenna Blanton, Daughrity, Kennedy Gillespie, Kurtz, Long, Mealer.

PIK: Long.

Team LOB: 5


E: Ally Blanton, Daughrity, Long, Mealer.

WP: Lauren Gillespie (5IP, 2H, 3R, 2ER, 3K, 2BB).