Board of Education honors teachers of the year

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Marshall County Board of Education recognized several teachers and a student for their outstanding achievements last week.

The following received the 2019 Teacher of the Year award for each school in the system: Stacey Hughes from Chapel Hill Elementary School, Sheila Holton and Josh Harmon from Delk-Henson Intermediate School, Kyle Stacey and Tracy Hall from Forrest School, Katherine Dill and Debra Gage from Cornersville Elementary School, Kathy Edwards from Cornersville School, Holly Cook from Oak Grove Elementary School, Connie Baker from Marshall Elementary School, Cortney Tankersley from Westhills Elementary School, Kara Barker from Lewisburg Middle School, and Danny Adams from Spot Lowe Technology Center.

District Teachers of the Year are Maury Wood from Westhills Elementary School, Jill Worley from Cornersville School, and Lyndsay Cox from Marshall County High School.

These teachers were recognized for going above and beyond in the classroom.

School-level Teachers of the Year are selected by other teachers while the district-level Teachers of the Year selects the teacher based on school-level applications. Three teachers are selected to represent the district at a regional level.

Jacob Sorrells, the director of schools, thanked fellow educators for their superb teaching and dedication at Monday’s meeting.

“We couldn’t have done this without you,” Sorrells said. “Thank you all for everything you do.”

The recognitions did not stop there. The school board also recognized a Cornersville senior, Jesse England, as a National Merit Scholarship Finalist.

The National Merit Scholarship Program recognizes select students who score above average on the preliminary SAT.

The top 1.25 percent of students taking the exam qualify as a semifinalist, roughly 90 percent of whom become finalists.

Every finalist competes for the single payment scholarships of $2,500. Out of 15,000 finalists, half will receive Merit Scholarship awards.