Tigers go 2-for-3 at Smokey Mountain Invitational

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Marshall County’s Zack Graves is on a tear at the plate, going 9-for-15 in his last four games with five runs scored, seven RBIs, and two home runs, including a grand slam on Thursday in the Smoky Mountain Invitational versus host Seymour.
Tribune photos by Anthony S. Puca

Thursday, March 28

Smoky Mountain Invitational at Seymour, TN

Clarksville NE 010 312 1-8 9 0

Marshall County 560 000 X-11 17 4

Clarksville NE: Trey Elkins 2-for-3, Heath Williams 2-for-3, Josh Emmons 2-for-3, Evan Primising 1-for-4, Gavin Cleghorn 1-for-3, Octavio Montes.

BB: Cleghorn, Elkins, Williams, Kyle Book.

RS: Williams 2, Emmons 2, Cleghorn, Jaylen Johnson, Book.

2B: Emmons, Primising.

RBI: Emmons 3, Elkins, Johnson, Primising.

SAC: Montes.

ROE: Cleghorn.

FC: Elkins, Johnson.

GIDP: Elkins.

SB: Cleghorn 2.


Team LOB: 4


DP: Cleghorn, Williams, Primising.

LP: Mason Briggs.

Marshall County: Ryan Kirby 3-for-4, Preston Shelton 3-for-3, Zack Graves 3-for-4, Tristan Griggs 3-for-4, Hunter Haurez 2-for-4, Thomas Beardsley 1-for-2, Carson Cheek 1-for-3, J.W. Beasley 1-for-3.

BB: Beardsley 2, Shelton.

RS: Shelton 2, Zack Graves 2, Beardsley 2, Haurez 2, Peyton Graves, Griggs, Austin Grubbs.

2B: Griggs 2, Shelton 2, Haurez.

3B: Cheek.

HR: Zack Graves.

RBI: Zack Graves 3, Beasley 2, Haurez 2, Shelton, Beardsley, Cheek, Griggs.

FC: Peyton Graves.

GIDP: Peyton Graves.

SB: Zack Graves, Shelton.

CS: Kirby.

Team LOB: 6


E: Cheek 2, Zack Graves.

DP: Kirby 2, Shelton.

WP: Carson Cheek (4IP, 6H, 5R, 3ER, 4K, 3BB).

Save: Colton Barber (3IP, 3H, 3R, 3ER, 2K, 1BB).

Tristan Griggs and the Marshall County Tigers took two out of three games in the Smoky Mountain Invitational before suffering a 7-2 loss at Nolensville Monday night in a District 12-AA clash.

Marshall County 400 000 1-5 9 2

Seymour 010 031 1-6 6 1

Marshall County: Zack Graves 3-for-4, Walker Whaley 2-for-4, Preston Shelton 2-for-3, Thomas Beardsley 1-for-3, Tristan Griggs 1-for-3.

BB: Ryan Kirby, Shelton, Hunter Huarez.

RS: Walker Whaley, Kirby, Shelton, Zack Graves.

2B: Shelton.

HR: Zack Graves.

Grand slam: Zack Graves.

RBI: Zack Graves 4, Shelton.

SAC: Kirby.

ROE: Haurez.

SB: Griggs.

Team LOB: 6


E: Bryson Hammons, Walker Whaley.

LP: Walker Whaley (1.1IP, 0H, 2R, 0ER, 0K, 5BB).

Starter: Zack Graves (4.2IP, 6H, 4R, 4ER, 7K, 3BB).

Seymour: Andrew Ott 1-for-4, Dylan Dickert 1-for-2, Elijah Galyon 1-for-3, Marcus Joyner 1-for-4, Derek McCarley 1-for-1, Chris Hilton 1-for-2.

BB: Dickert 2, McCarley 2, Noah Spradlin 2, Gaylin, Noah Maples.

RS: McCarley 2, Ott, Dickert, Spradlin, AJ Berry.

2B: Hilton, Dickert.

3B: McCarley.

RBI: Hilton, Spradlin, Maples, Dickert, McCarley.

SAC: Hilton 2, Cooper Douglass.

ROE: Hilton.

HBP: McCarley.

Team LOB: 8


E: Ott.

WP: Elijah Galyon.

Friday, March 29

Westmoreland 002 000 0-2 6 4

Marshall County 010 014 X-6 7 0

Westmoreland: Isaac Williams 2-for-4, Tyler Lumsden 1-for-3, Jacob Wheeley 1-for-2, Colby Sullivan 1-for-2, Hiser Gould 1-for-3.

BB: Quinton Crawford, Wheeley, Zac Sadler.

RS: Crawford, Williams.

RBI: Lumsden, Wheeley.

SAC: Sullivan.

FC: Crawford.

HBP: Peyton Donoho.

GIDP: Williams.

SB: Crawford.

CS: Noah Morris.

Team LOB: 6


E: Lumsden 2, Morris, Crawford.

DP: Wheeley 3, Gould, Ryker Hodge, Morris, Crawford.

LP: Hiser Gould.

Marshall County: Zack Graves 2-for-3, Peyton Graves 2-for-2, Hunter Haurez 1-for-3, Austin Grubbs, 1-for-1, Mitchell Ford 1-for-2.

BB: Ryan Kirby, Preston Shelton, Huarez, Peyton Graves.

RS: Peyton Graves 2, Walker Whaley, Kirby, Shelton, Ford.

2B: Grubbs.

RBI: Thomas Beardsley, Kirby, Shelton, Walker Whaley.

SAC: Kirby.

SF: Shelton, Walker Whaley.

ROE: Beardsley, Walker Whaley.

FC: Beardsley, Ford, Walker Whaley.

HBP: Zack Graves, Kirby, Shelton.

GIDP: Colton Barber.

SB: Zack Graves, Haurez, Kirby, Shelton.

Team LOB: 9


DP: Haurez, Kirby, Shelton.

WP: Hunter Haurez (1.2IP, 0H, 0R, 0ER, 4K, 0BB).

Starter: Austin Grubbs 3IP, 3H, 2R, 2ER, 2K, 3BB).

Relief: Logan McKnight (2.1IP, 3H, 0R, 0ER, 1K, 0BB).

Monday, April 1

At Nolensville

District 12-AA

Marshall County 000 020 0-2 5 2

Nolensville 022 201 X-7 12 3

Marshall County: Walker Whaley 1-for-3, Preston Shelton 1-for-4, Zack Graves 1-for-4, Thomas Beardsley 1-for-3, Peyton Graves 1-for-3.

BB: Whaley, Mitchell Ford.

RS: Peyton Graves, J.W. Beasley.

2B: Peyton Graves.

RBI: Shelton.

SAC: Ryan Kirby.

ROE: Beasley, Zack Graves, Hunter Haurez.

FC: Ford.

CS: Walker Whaley.

Team LOB: 8


E: Zack Graves, Shelton.

DP: Colton Barber, Bryson Hammons, Haurez.

LP: Mitchell Ford (5IP, 9H, 6R, 4ER, 5K, 2BB).

Relief: Colton Barber (1IP, 3H, 1R, 0ER, 0K, 1BB).

Nolensville: Jackson Hill 2-for-4, Tyler Hammonds 2-for-4, Aiden Young 2-for-3, Holden Collett 2-for-3, Tyler Smith 1-for-4, Carson Robble 1-for-3, Dawson Conder 1-for-2, Bryan Cluck 1-for-3.

BB: Tyler Hummel, Robble.

RS: Hammonds 2, Smith, Hummel, Hill, Cluck, Young.

2B: Hammonds.

RBI: Hill 2, Conder, Collett, Hammonds, Bryan Cluck.

ROE: Smith, Hill.

FC: Robble.

GIDP: Hummel.

SB: Cluck, Conder, Ethan Syling.

CS: Conder, Syling.

Team LOB: 7


E: Smith, Reece Milam, Hammonds.

WP: Reece Milam (7IP, 5H, 2R, 0ER, 8K, 2BB).